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What Really Makes A Woman Attractive?

Before we begin lets take a look at this list: Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Vivica Fox, Toni Braxton, Gabrielle Union, Jada Pinkett just to name a few of the women over the years in their prime (and some still today) that have made men googly-eyed and downright fixated. And men, I […]

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It’s The Little Things: 6 Ways Embracing A Lil’ Humanity Can Improve Your Life

I was on the transit several months ago, I want to say it was around the holidays. I had my Ipod listening to one of my playlists which was R&B. The song “Little Things” by India Arie came on (I forgot I put it on there). And while she is extremely talented and I loved […]

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Trials And Tribulations of A Down And Out Brother

Everyday I wake up and feel so stressed Because I know today is going to be another huge mess Perhaps I should end it all and put myself to rest Perhaps an overdoes of pills or maybe a bullet to the chest I pray to God everyday hoping and waiting to be blessed I used […]

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6 Benefits Of Going On A Date…Alone

You have that ‘talk’ with your girl who is now going to become your ex. She didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore so now you’re single. You were a loyal guy throughout your relationship and spurned advances from other women; hence you have no one to turn to as a back up option. […]

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Puppy ‘Telephone’ Love: Remember Those Days When You Used To…?

Guys: “Yo Is that Tamika? Damn she got fly over the summer!“ Gals: “Who’s that new dude in our science class? He’s cute.” Remember the days when you met or saw that crush; your first crush? That person who walked in the room and instantly grabbed your attention? It could have been the way they […]

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(YGM!) Traditional vs Modern Dating? Finally, The Right Way To Get And Keep A Relationship

You’ve Got Male!  Yep, its that time again when we go through our bag of goodies and pick a letter from a reader. This weeks question comes to us from  J.C.. Lets get to it. Thoughts of 21st Century Paths of Relationships “I’ve been a long time commenter and lurker, but this is my first […]


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