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9 Signs Your Man Is A D.L.B. (Down Low Brotha)

A while back I was engaged in conversation (aren’t I always) with the brothers and we were talking about playing R&B in the car with your friends in tow. Would you? or Wouldn’t you? Although I did a piece on this sometime back, my mind went to the left and I was thinking what songs would […]

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Make Up To Break Up: Two Reasons Why You Should Avoid ‘Break Up Sex’

  During my leisure time, which is seldom I might add, I was reading an article in a magazine on break up sex. And coincidentally a day or two later, I overheard some women on the transit talking about it. One of the women involved in the conversation seemed emotionally confused because she engaged in […]


If Florida Is The Sunshine State, Why Is It So Cloudy For African Americans?

Is Florida The ‘Sunshine State’ For Negroes? If it is, why has it become so cloudy for African Americans – or was it always that way and we just never took off our sunglasses to find out? So unless you’ve been living on a deserted island for the last 2 years you would know about the tragic […]

Missing Malaysia

People Lose Car Keys & Kittens. How The Hell Do You Lose A Plane?

[Editor's Note: So this post was written at the height of this breaking story.  Yeaaahhh, my bad on the delay. Eerily though, the plane is still M.I.A. at the time this post goes LIVE.] Before I get into this, here are a few excerpts from media outlets. “Flight MH370 vanished from civilian radar screens […]

Kobe At It Again? Somebody Get This Brotha A Onesie

“Kobe Bryant’s wrath hasn’t just been felt by the front office this season. His poor teammates have certainly not been spared, according to Nick Young: Nick Young shares Kobe Bryant’s recent trash talk: “I don’t talk to players on teams that are 20 games under .500.” – Excerpt courtesy of I wrote an article on Bryant last […]

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Breaking Bad: A Day In The Life Of A Disgruntled Teacher

I’m observing a class… …where Ms. Johnson is losing control These kids never seem to do what they’re told Even the studious ones have suddenly turned cold For real though, they’re just being a bunch of a$$holes The few good students in the front had soon grew fear That the chances of them being picked […]


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