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Are You “Her”? Subtle Ways A Man Shows He Adores You

“Her” – What is she? Who is she? My partner in crime Mr. SoBo wrote a masterful piece on “Her” and how she can be that man’s kryptonite.  I’m sure plenty ladies sit and wonder to themselves: Was I ever Her? Will I ever be Her? Why haven’t I truly been someone’s Her?  Some women know what it’s […]

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Treat Her Like A Lady…Is She Really Though?

Here’s an exchange between two people that I witnessed  a few days ago: Person 1: “Yo shut the fcuk up, get up outta my face!” Person 2:  “What ni**a, fcuk you! eh yo suck my di*k lame a$$ ni**a”! Was this an exchange between: A) Two men B) A man and a woman If you […]

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Every Man Has This One Weakness…

“Her” They say I am strong and unyielding with an emotional fortitude thats shielding, yet Her spirit weakens me. Armed with clarity and a firm grasp of reality, I navigate this unpredictable sea I call life, yet I constantly find myself lost in Her eyes. With every glance into the softly beckoning and disarmingly feminine dreamy windows of Her soul, […]

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Has Education Failed Our Children or Are Our Children Failing At Education?

Students are taking notes in math class to prepare for a test in two days. Katrina walks into class and nonchalantly places herself in her seat, takes out her pencil and notebook and begins to write. But she has something other than note taking in mind as you would soon find out. “Katrina grab your […]

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What Men Really Want: A Woman’s Guide To Being A Good Catch

I’ve come to realize that I have had way too many conversations about relationships with women. Between those real life conversations and the bevy of side-eye inducing social media commentary, one thing is for certain – every one of these lovely women considers herself a great catch. Successful. Intelligent. Attractive. Independent and exceptional in bed. According to them, it […]

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So She Cheated….Now What’s A Man To Do?

It’s been a few weeks now and things seem different. The affection has waned. You’re not seeing each other as much (even if you live together there’s not much quality time), and the sex has not only curtailed but it doesn’t feel the same. You ask and she says things like, “I’m okay just going […]


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