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6 Benefits Of Going On A Date…Alone

You have that ‘talk’ with your girl who is now going to become your ex. She didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore so now you’re single. You were a loyal guy throughout your relationship and spurned advances from other women; hence you have no one to turn to as a back up option. […]

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Puppy ‘Telephone’ Love: Remember Those Days When You Used To…?

Guys: “Yo Is that Tamika? Damn she got fly over the summer!“ Gals: “Who’s that new dude in our science class? He’s cute.” Remember the days when you met or saw that crush; your first crush? That person who walked in the room and instantly grabbed your attention? It could have been the way they […]

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(YGM!) Traditional vs Modern Dating? Finally, The Right Way To Get And Keep A Relationship

You’ve Got Male!  Yep, its that time again when we go through our bag of goodies and pick a letter from a reader. This weeks question comes to us from  J.C.. Lets get to it. Thoughts of 21st Century Paths of Relationships “I’ve been a long time commenter and lurker, but this is my first […]

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Horrible Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

Another night alone. Another evening rendezvous with your cat, dog, or in extreme cases your….*ahem* toy. Another instance of hearing how much fun your girl Marissa had on her date with Darnell. How about hearing all about how Tania and her husband Curtis just came back from a weekend getaway? Now maybe it won’t bother […]

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Deadly Mistakes Men Make In Relationships That Should Be Avoided

Man listen, you know what you did or maybe you didn’t. You thought I was letting you off the hook didn’t you? Nope. All in all there’s a reason why you’re alone. Now if you’re running around chasing the field, hey I ain’t mad. But for those brothers that have been single and have been in […]

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You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit!! 8 Signs You Hate Your Job

Congratulations your hired! Your first day on the new gig is always full of excitement and anticipation. You arrive early to make that great impression and you’ve met your boss, colleagues and  everyone seems relatively nice and professional. After making rounds and introductions, you’re led to your new work station. Sure it’s not much, but you’ve […]


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