BlackLoveSex2 -

Sex, Love Making & More Sex. It’s A Game Of Give And Take

Mattresses creaking. Headboards hitting the wall. Moaning. Heavy breathing. We all know what that is. Sex which was a hush hush taboo subject 50+ years ago has seemingly exploded into mainstream media: music, magazines, tv, internet, you name it it’s there. From serious relationships, one night stands, friends with benefits to whatever, its everywhere. Now while men and […]

Last Man Standing-

Finding Your Courage: That Moment You Realize You’d Rather Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees

  Just a few inspirational words tied up into a poem. Enjoy.   “Last Man Standing” You can punch me and you can kick me You can fool me and you can trick me But I still stand You can yell at me, you can curse at me You can throw all including the worst […]

black-man-giving-gift -

Is He Too Friendly With His Ex? Do Facebook Friends Come With Benefits?: If You Need To Know, Just Ask Pt. 5

Welcome to another installment of  “If You Need To Know Just Ask“.  Well I was in-boxed with some more questions and I’ll be delighted to answer them. This time I’m  joined by my writing brother from another mother, Mr. SoBo.  So what are we waiting for? You got questions, we got answers. Let’s go! My […]

Couple Cuddling -

Are You “Her”? Subtle Ways A Man Shows He Adores You

“Her” – What is she? Who is she? My partner in crime Mr. SoBo wrote a masterful piece on “Her” and how she can be that man’s kryptonite.  I’m sure plenty ladies sit and wonder to themselves: Was I ever Her? Will I ever be Her? Why haven’t I truly been someone’s Her?  Some women know what it’s […]

Bad Bitch -

Treat Her Like A Lady…Is She Really Though?

Here’s an exchange between two people that I witnessed  a few days ago: Person 1: “Yo shut the fcuk up, get up outta my face!” Person 2:  “What ni**a, fcuk you! eh yo suck my di*k lame a$$ ni**a”! Was this an exchange between: A) Two men B) A man and a woman If you […]


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