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The “i” In Black Lives Matter: When 3/5th Becomes Responsible For Their Own Freedom

[Admin Note: We have opened the OM stage once again. Today’s featured guest post is brought to you by resident reader Queen Sierra. Please give her a warm Opinionated Male welcome.] When 3/5th becomes a man, the nation is at a stand still. This same nation which once held these truths to be “self-evident, that all […]

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Do Men Really Desire The ‘Perfect’ Woman?

She cooks, cleans and makes a decent to good living. She’s funny and fun to be around, pleases you physically and is easy on the eyes. Sounds good huh? Would you still want her after 6 months? 2 years? Longer? Is she marriage material or ‘bust down’ material? Is she someone that’ll do for the […]

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Should A Man Be Responsible For Leading A Woman On, Or Should A Woman Be In Control Of Her Emotions?

**Cortonio recently guest blogged on CupidsPlanner.com. So with no further delay, enjoy!** Lets take a look at this scenario: You have Kelli, she works as a nurse at a hospital.  She has had her share of hiccups in relationships.  She has pretty much given up on the notion of getting with someone and getting involved in a serious […]

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Love ‘Em Or Leave ‘Em: Do You Truly Appreciate The One You’re With?

Taken from a brotha and a sista who found love for the first time in a long time. Imagine having had stumbled across one bad relationship after another. Having dealt with nothing but drama, infidelity, and just pure heartache especially after loving hard and giving your all to a person. Now you’ve finally come across ‘The One’ […]

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“I Wish You Would Die!”: Worst Kinds of Arguments All Couples Should Avoid

There’s nothing more commonplace in a relationship than disagreements (Unless you two share a brain. And that’s not healthy…..to ME anyway. I can’t speak for or on anyone else). There are some disagreements that end when both parties simply agree to disagree. There are simple debates, and then there are outright arguments. Truth be told, they can […]

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11 Things Every Man Should Have In His Home

So here you are. You’ve finally moved out of your folks home and got yourself a new pad. No more rules, curfews, answering to anyone (maybe the land lord). You don’t have to share anything, worry about where your things are or who has borrowed them. Nothing. While we are all somewhat dependent on the […]


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