Run yo’ trophy!! Biggest award robberies in pro sports

“Are you serious??!” “Wait….hold up, he won?” ” (Player X) did better than him, how dafuq did he win?!” Sound familiar? Well to all you sports fans out there I’m sure you’ve muttered these phrases at some point upon finding out a well deserving player was snubbed out of an award by a player that’s […]

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Don’t renege my N*g! 7 life saving Spades tips to avoid getting your head bust to the white meat

[**Editor’s note: That has got to be the bougie’est looking spades game I have ever seen. Almost a little too bougie. Im side eyeing the woman in pink. Can’t trust them excessively low, easy access neckline wearing for a ‘friendly’ game of cards chicks. I’m 99.9% sure she is hiding a razor in her brassiere. You know…just in case. […]

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Is your foreplay bad or bougie? Dating skills savage or clueless? – My thoughts on these, meeting bae’s parents, and long distance lovin’

[Admin Note: Ladies and gentlemen, Miss KK. Take it away!] Thank you sir. Well, let’s get to it shall we? Is foreplay overrated? Are you one of those people that skips the pre-workout stretch? Shoves your rump roast in the oven before its fully pre-heated? Like to put stuff together before reading the instructions? Then […]

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Be Ye Not Unequally Yoked: 5 things that can make, break, or hinder relationship growth‏

If you grew up in a Southern home chances are you’ve heard the title phrase several times in your life. While the Scripture speaks specifically of marriage, its message is relevant and can be applied to various types of relationships, regardless of your religious leanings. Just to clarify, to be “unequally yoked” simply means that […]