The Black folks guide to summertime cookouts: How to avoid being a bigger jerk than the chicken

Summer is fast approaching and the weather is ripe for some outdoor cooking, and I’m sure before the Fall, you would have hosted or went to about a half dozen of these. I’m also sure you will have plenty of stories to share from which drunk uncle acted up, who flipped the table over in […]

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So Chris Rock wants some Cheerios too? Maybe the honey does taste sweeter in La La land

So Carmelo Anthony and (now) estranged wife La La are in the headlines again. This time, however, no NBA star taunted him with how good she tasted. This time around, he was busted smangin’ a stripper (not in the act though). They are currently separated and I’m sure divorce is on the horizon. So here’s […]

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Couples therapy – You, I, and no one else

Nothing else matters or exists
I am alive, There
At ease and the speed of life creeps to a stand still…There