Good Grief, Woe Is You: The Foolish Things You Women Do

After having written a similar list for the men, I would be remiss if I didn’t do the same for the softer sex. Let’s get right to it. Having children too young ‘Young’ can be open to interpretation and be quite a broad adjective. Allow me to be more specific in terms of what ‘young’ is […]


Dear Foolish Men, Here’s How Many of You Ruin Your Lives in Two Minutes or Less

I’m going to rewind to the age of 7. I was young, impressionable, had a ravenous appetite for reading, and I was in carefree mode (as all young kids are). I was watching a show called Zoobilee Zoo – go on Youtube to check it out (if you’re over 30 you should know the show). Anyhow, one […]


Are You Serious Dude? Things Men Do That Women Hate (Pt. 2)

**Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Miss K.K. for another guest post.  ‘Sup readers! If you checked out part 1, I covered some of the mind numbing, borderline hair pulling things brothas do. Now sit back and check out the sequel. Workaholism/Laziness For sh*ts and giggles (R.I.P. Tommy) Both of these will drive your damsel crazy. Like, […]

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Are You Serious Dude? Things Men Do That Women Hate (Pt. 1)

**Please welcome back to the stage Miss K.K. for another guest post.  In your many years of dating the gentler, fairer and I daresay, better sex, you may have come across many instances in which you were sorely befuddled by the consternation of your ‘Boo thang’. Could it be as simple as women are just too complex, or […] - Black man and woman embrace

YGM! When Is The Right Time To Introduce Bae To Your Child?

Dear Opinionated Male, Before I start I just wanted to let you guys know I enjoy your articles, very thought out and germane. I hadn’t heard of you guys until a very close acquaintance told me about this site so I decided to check you guys out and I must say I am impressed. Awesome! […]

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Empower Yourself – 5 Key Steps To ‘Having It All’ As A Young Woman

[Admin Note:  Today’s featured guest post is brought to you by the letters Q-U-E-E… Ladies and gentlemen, please give another warm Opinionated Male welcome to Queen Sierra.] What is the definition of ‘having it all’ as a young woman? Raised by an incredible black mama I have been encouraged to believe that I am a super woman […]