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What the Type of Man You’re Dating Says About You

Ladies, I’m sure you sit and wonder what type of guy you’re with. Think of it: whether you’re laying there next to him in bed; sitting across from the table; sitting in the car going for a drive; or whatever, I am sure this thought runs through your head. I know you all have an affinity for jewelry, so I’m going to break these men down in the form of precious stones/metals: cubic-zirconia, silver, gold, diamond, and platinum. If you’re happy with what you got, cool. But let’s do some digging and have some fun at the same time.

Cubic Zirconia

Trinidad James Picture-180
“I gots a gold bike & a pocket of mollies shawty.”

The shiny piece of jewelry that looks good on the outside, but after time you see how fake and worthless it is. This is the ‘bad boy’ type. Probably easy on the eyes, bomb in bed, and charming in the beginning But as you go along you come to see there’s nothing there. Chances are he doesn’t have a job. If there is any income, he more than likely sells drugs, or lives on some type of assistance with no ambition of ever going to get a job. He lives a sedentary lifestyle.

You’ll soon find out how much of a d*ckhead he is as well. Likely a heavy drinker and/or smoker. He probably doesn’t have his own vehicle or even a license. If he does, he is operating on a suspended one. This dude has little if any formal education, but is street smart. As far as bed room skills, he can be quite the ‘cocksman’ which for this reason keeps or will keep a female(s) around. High possibility he’s a ‘baby daddy’, and if so, don’t be surprised if they’re several ‘babies’ floating around (and you know there’ll be baby mammas lurking not far too). There is no chance of growth. Not the marriage type. Not family oriented, and definitely not a dude you wanna bring around your peoples, especially your folks.


This is the next notch up on the jewelry list. It’s not fake, it looks good, and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. A lot of women have it and like to floss it. Not very popular, but it’s rather trendy to wear. This guy may or may not live at home with the folks. He probably has basic domestic skills, which means you probably won’t be getting or expecting a clean house and/or a good meal on his end. He has a job, not a career, and lives check to check with just enough to pay his bills with little else. He possesses a basic education (high school diploma or GED), and never had any real aspirations of furthering his education. However, he’s hard working and will always have a job and plug along to live his day-to-day life. He probably has children, and if so, he takes care of them to the best of his ability.

As a woman, this may or may not be your speed. If you’re a career woman or live a cosmopolitan lifestyle, then maybe he’s not for you. However, he’ll work hard to make you happy. As a whole, it’s definitely tough to think of growth and stability with him, and chances are you may spend more than you save. However, if you have a family, he’d definitely step up and help provide. **think of James Evans from “Good Times“**


The more popular of the jewelry. It looks nice and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Can be very expensive or fairly inexpensive. This guy has loads of potential. Has a diploma and perhaps a college degree. He has his own place and possesses a great job with a career in the works. He can take care of himself domestically, and does ok financially. He is a nice guy, easy on the eyes, and well-rounded. He treats you well, but here is the kicker: POTENTIAL. Is he okay with just running the treadmill of life or does he want to further himself? Is he willing to take that next step to get to his apex? This is your classic under-achiever.

Think of the person who was brilliant in school, but was lazy and settled for C’s when he could have easily received A’s. He’s certainly someone you would date and maybe even get more serious with,…BUT would you want to waste your energy pushing and prodding someone like him to do better when you know he has all the tools? I dunno.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend as they say. Not much more to say. Or is there? Well this guy is career driven with no glass ceiling. He has his own spot, vehicle, educated–definitely a boss in relative terms. He’s a cool cat and money isn’t an object to him. He is easy on the eyes to you (and every other female–which might not be a good thing). He has ‘ladies man’ written all over him. He can be charming, romantic, and definitely someone you’d want to bring around your friends and family.  He is very independent, can take care of himself and you without a doubt. He lives a cosmopolitan lifestyle and you’ll CERTAINLY have fun with him whether you’re in a group or one on one.

Sounds too good to be true right? Can you build with him? Is he built for the long-term? Is he the fast flashy sports car that has a shelf life, or the Honda or Toyota that’s built to last? Does he want to pay his own mortgage, or he’s cool with paying someone else’s as long as his apartment is laced? Would he want to settle down or live the fast life of glitz and glamor? Is he the type you could have a family with? So in a nutshell, it’s a catch 22.  **think of Eddie Murphy‘s character ‘Marcus Graham’ in “Boomerang”**

The Platinum

“I have a career & penthouse overlooking the city.”

The most expensive and top of the line jewelry. Looks good, lasts, and what more can I say?  This guy has a career, and is independent. He doesn’t need a woman to take care of him domestically because he learned it all from his mama, grandmamma or both. At the same time he certainly would not mind a woman’s culinary genius and cleanliness as well. He’ll take care of you and provide for you every step of the way, just don’t use and abuse him.

He’s a God-fearing man with a good sense of self and family. He’s a nice guy AND good guy (*I’ll differentiate the two in a future post). He’ll fix things around the house, and if he can’t, he’ll see to it that it’s done. He’s the protector of the family. He’s well-rounded. He’s a go-getter and works hard to achieve his apex. He has old-fashioned ways, but is also hip to the new ways of our generation. He isn’t cheap but believes in the value of a dollar. He’s definitely marriage material, and definitely a family man. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s not perfect and HE himself will admit to it as well. He’s loyal and will love you unconditionally. You can build a legacy with him that’ll last. **think Cliff Huxtable “The Cosby Show” or even ‘Julius’ in “Everybody Hates Chris“**

So there, I broke it down for you. Don’t get me wrong. As I said, if your man is a platinum to you but doesn’t make the most money that’s fine. But at the same time know your worth and what’s best for you.

So ladies, what type of man are you dating? Are you thinking of upgrading? And gents, what type of man are you and what type of man do you aspire to be?

Peace and god bless.



Title update on 01/15/19. Post Originally entitled, “All Gold Everything: What Type of Man are you Dating?”

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