You Make Us Great, So We Grateful -N- Sh*t

First and foremost this is not a post. Yes it kinda looks like one, but it isn’t. Fa real doe. Disappointed? Don’t be. On the bright side, that picture to your left…now that’s a post. But what you’re reading right now though, isn’t. Well sorta. Understand? Me neither. So forget all that. What I DO want you to understand is this:

We here at Opinionated Male would like to take a moment to thank YOU our regular readers, new readers and casual visitors for the growing support we have been receiving over the last two months since our debut. The love we have received here as well as on twitter and facebook has been rewarding to say the least. We certainly want to keep that going, so Cortonio, Medium Meech and myself will continue to bring you great content. See that? Thats that reciprocity right there. Its all love. Speaking of which…

Spread that love like peanut butter on your jelly sandwich. Tell a friend, a cousin, even yo mamma (cause she aint too grown to get some Opinionated Male in her life) and continue to ‘subscribe’, ‘follow’ and ‘like’ us here, there and every-mutha’effin-where there is an internet connection. WiFi stand up.

Now I know many of you have become accustomed to our schedule of having a fresh post up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and as you can see, we haven’t put one up this week yet.  Shame on us, I know. We’ve been bad boys. But there is a good explanation. (1) We didn’t forget about you. Never that. (2) Trust that we are certainly not neglecting our duties to bring you that good ‘ole reading enjoyment you’ve gotten accustomed to getting.  (3) Its just been a pretty busy week for us here at Opinionated Male over the last several days.

However, the good news is that we will have a post up later on tonight and will resume our Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule along with it. So be sure to come back later to get your regular fix, ya heard me? Master P where you at?

So thats it. Thats basically all I wanted to say in this non-post post. Didn’t want the OM’s and O’Misses worried for too long and begin speculating. Thats how off the wall rumors and conspiracy theories begin.

Anyway, since this ‘post’ has been about being grateful and sh*t, what are some of the little things you have been grateful and sh*t for? How did you show your appreciation? Let us know.

While you think about that, treat yourself to a quick musical interlude by clicking that little player on the top right of the page. For those of you on mobile devices, the player may appear at the very bottom of your screen, so you may have to scroll down.

“Smart Men Rock”

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