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One Black Man’s Frustrations With American Life

Confessions of a Tired Black Soul

I’m tired of taking steps forward…
…and always being pushed back
I’m tired of thinking there’s money but there’s always a lack
I’m tired of seeing minorities falling behind in society
I’m tired of seeing people get behind the wheel having no sobriety
I’m tired…

I’m tired of seeing memorials on streets in parts of the city
I’m tired of soldiers dying with our president showing no pity
I’m tired of little girls thinking their so damn grown
I’m tired of people on the street with cups asking for a loan
I’m tired…

I’m tired of the fact that slavery really hasn’t ended
I’m tired of people thinking because our president is black it will all be mended
I’m tired of the feminization of the young black male
I’m tired of people simply accepting when they fail
I’m tired…

I’m tired of rappers with these whack, retarded songs
I’m tired of people thinking they’re right when they’re clearly wrong
I’m tired of being pulled over by the cops for no reason
I’m tired of the Kardashians; why are they on again this season?
I’m tired…

I’m tired of the lack of good educators in the public schools
I’m tired of those on reality TV acting like fools
I’m tired of folks who are hypocrites and are phony
I’m tired of seeing women on diets but yet they’re so bony
I’m tired…

I’m tired of females giving up pu$$y so they can be liked
I’m tired of gas prices taking a serious hike
I’m tired of seeing young ones with buttons of lost friends
I’m tired of wondering when will all this foolishness end
I’m tired…

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