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JOIN Opinionated Male LIVE this Saturday, JULY 6th from 11am – 1pm as we make a featured guest appearance on Transcendence Radio!

We are pleased to announce that OM has been invited to sit and chop it up with radio hostess’ GiGi & Christina on their weekly program ‘Walking In Heels’, a talk show dedicated to empowering women and discussing social issues.

We are looking forward to this opportunity and would like to share this experience with YOU our readers. Besides, if you ever wondered what Mr SoBo and Cortonio sound like, now is your chance to satisfy your curiosity.  Heck, we’re curious about you too, so be sure to call in if you want to add your 2cents to the discussion, or simply want to say hi.

TUNE IN to Walking In Heels THIS Saturday, July 6th, 11am  – 1pm (EST)!

About Mr SoBo

Read up all about me in the "Men Behind The Pen" section on OpinionatedMale.com, where Smart Men Rock.

One comment on “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Listen To Us LIVE!

  1. […] – DON’T FORGET to kick off your weekend with us LIVE tomorrow morning, 11am -1pm as we GUEST APPEAR on the “Walk In Heels” morning show. We will be chatting it up with the lovely hostess’ about errythang, so TUNE IN […]


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