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Breaking up is Never Easy – When Ending Your Relationship is Inevitable

Gents (and ladies too), have you ever had the love of your life but as time passed things weren’t working out? You wanted to leave but couldn’t find the words to do so, so you wished it would all just go away but it didn’t and you had to face the music? Well take a little stroll into the eyes of this young man who had to do the same thing to his honey.

Leaving a Lover: All I Can Say Is, “I’m Sorry”

I don’t know how…

…to say goodbye
The words won’t come no matter how hard I try
It seems every time I look you in the eye
My heart sinks to the bottom and I can’t explain why
I love you so much and that I cannot deny
But staying with you is simply living a lie

You’re probably wondering how did things go awry
My only answer is that these feelings,…they died
You were my addiction, for only you made me high
Now I subject myself to seeing you cry

I’ve been pondering this decision for about a week
When I try to call you, I just hang up, I can’t speak
I’m sorry things had to turn out this way
It sucks that it had to come down to this day

You gave me your life, six years to be exact
And this is all I have to give you back
And don’t worry my things are already packed
And No, I wasn’t romancing anyone, that is a fact

So I ask of you, please let this be easy and let us not fight now
Like Trey (Songz) I don’t wanna leave, but I gotta go right now
I honestly wish you didn’t have to be so outta sight now
But I have no choice but to turn off this light now

I hope you find happiness should you choose to love again
As far as I go, well I can’t say where or when
I shouldn’t have let this linger, I should have told you then
But that’s all I can say, because you and I have come to our end…


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