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Why Love is Blind and Cupid Makes you Stupid

Ladies and gents, have you ever been with your love, your everything, your world but things started getting ‘funny’ and you asked yourself “Is it me?”  Have you ever tried putting things together and said to yourself, ” Things aren’t adding up”;  you couldn’t understand what was going on?  You ask yourself many questions but get no answers. Or maybe you try to analyze, elaborate, and lament on things that are going in a downward spiral in your relationship. Well here is my ode to you.

Love is blind

…when your man stay beatin’ on you

Just when you think he’s loyal there he is cheatin’ on you
Love is blind when your hit becomes a miss
When you come home you’re no longer greeted with a hug or kiss

Love is blind when he makes more, but you pay all the bills
When he makes a mess you have to clean all his spills
Love is blind when arguments become a daily chore
You find yourself asking, “Is this the same girl I once adored”?

Love is blind when you think she is going to class at night school
There she goes again my friend, playing you for a fool
Love is blind when he disses you for all his boys
When you cry for attention and affection all he says is,”Stop making noise”

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Love is blind when she continually denies you sex
And you wonder why she still gets calls from her ex
Love is blind when your thoughts and opinions don’t matter
Your emotionally drained and your resilience is shattered

Love is blind when she never cuts you any slack
Do these words sound familiar, “Baby let me call you back”?
Love is blind when he uses your car and never puts in any gas
When you want to make love all he wants is some ass

Durex, Lifestyles, and Trojans become part of her possession
Don’t be surprised when she’s out nights in succession
Love is blind when quality time becomes null and void
His patience with you has thinned and he’s always annoyed

Love is blind when everything suddenly becomes minimal
The message becomes loud and clear, it’s no longer subliminal
Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries have become ignored
You wonder if he remembers valentines day anymore
Love is Blind…

OM readers, what are some of the ‘craziest’ things you did while you were in love?


**Note: This is one of my pieces from our old website that I thought I would dust off and share with you.


Update 01/15/19, Post Originally entitled, “Love is Blind and Cupid Makes you Stupid”

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  • hershykiss

    Once when i thought I was in love…I found out my boyfriend cheated on me, but still forgave him because I didn’t want her to have him. (Blame that on my immaturity). Shortly thereafter we moved in together, and I still allowed him to cheat on me. I let him drive my car and even paid almost all the bills. SMH it’s funny when I look back at that time in my life. Now that I think about it, I don’t believe I was in love I think i was comfortable and didn’t want to venture out. But thank god I saw the light and never looked back lol. 7 years later that same girl who he cheated on me with has 3 kids from him in addition to the 2 she previously had and from what I hear they’re miserable. Karma is a …well you know lol.

    • Cortonio

      karma is a b**ch, and I’m sure you are in a better place now. It’s tough to let someone go when they’re mistreating you, but I was once told a long time ago, when it comes to sex just because it feels right doesn’t mean it is right.

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