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10 Relationship Questions Women ask Men (Pt 2) | IYNTKJA

Last week I introduced a part one to this article, “11 Awkward Questions Women Ask Guys” in our “If You Need to Know Just Ask (IYNTKJA) series. Now here is part two. So in response to the questions addressed in part 1 last week, some readers said I appeared chauvinistic or sexist in my answers. Well, I am sure I can speak for plenty men when I say the answers I gave were fairly accurate, and above all, HONEST.

That said, here are some more questions women have asked men and my answers for your reading fancy.

1. If your mom and I had an argument who’s side would you choose?

Okay so if my mom and you got into it, would I choose your side is pretty much what you’re asking. Come on, don’t front. So the answer is this: although we love the both of you unconditionally, we know that by choosing sides it would create a rift. Therefore we don’t get involved.  We won’t do it unless one of you were clearly wrong.

Me personally, right is right, wrong is wrong and although I love my mom to the fullest, I have no problem saying, “Ma you weren’t right for saying/doing that”.  And on the other side, if you were wrong I’d let you know too. Of course as a dating woman, you may come across some men who are pandering mama’s boys where ‘mama’ can do absolutely, positively NO wrong in their eyes. As a whole, most of us would rather stay out of it and let you and moms handle it on your own.

2. Have you ever fantasized about one of my friends?

There are some women who can handle the truth and some who simply can’t. There are some women who are secure about their relationship and some who aren’t. The reason I say this is because answering this question all depends on the type of woman you have. Who am I kidding ladies, do you really think we’re going to answer that with a “yes”?!? Once again we don’t want you falsely thinking we’re messing around with any of your friends.

But what if we say yes?  That would mean we wouldn’t be able to say “hello” or exchange any type of greeting with your friend without you thinking there is something going on. So gents, if your lady poses this question to you, the best answer is one word, “No”. Don’t even try to justify or wiggle your way around it. Do as the 1980’s drug campaign slogan said to do and, Just Say No.

3. Why do men like anal?

Anal sex is like chitterlings; some like it some don’t. Its not unreasonable to  men we do like to experiment sexually, especially those of us that are ‘freaky’ or ‘nasty’, whatever you want to call it. This is especially more so if you are our girlfriend. You see, we might have watched it in a skin flick and wanted to try it out, especially if you are a woman that is well endowed in the rear. Hell, maybe we just wanna put it in – screw it right?

Now in the past I have heard  some women say that if a man likes to do anal he must be gay. Well, I for one disagree with that notion, despite how dismissive and ridiculous such a notion is to begin with. We know you are a woman, and we’re doing it to YOU. It doesn’t mean we’re gay in the least. Once again if the man and the woman like it and take the proper preparation before doing so, I say no harm no foul. If anything try it once. If unsuccessful, try again or stop all together. Period.

4. Why are your hands constantly down your pants?

Al Bundy Married With Children - OpinionatedMale.com
This is the look of a man who once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game,

Let’s see here. A) our hands may be cold and we want to warm them up… B) it’s ours.. C) it’s ours D) it’s ours.

5. If we cheated would you take us back? If you cheated would you expect us to take you back?

Of course we would – to the second part of the question. Although at that point we would know there would be a permanent bull’s eye on our back and heads as we basically just shrunk any leisure time away from you to damn near zero.  Additionally, we would now  have to explain seemingly everything we do and/or our whereabouts.; and Heaven forbid if a woman even looked our way while we’re out with you and we honestly don’t know who that chick is.

To the first part of the question, some of us depending on the situation would take you back. Perhaps it would be to save a marriage especially where children are involved. Either way, it’s tough because the trust has been compromised and that is a difficult fix. We don’t want to get into a situation where we’re second guessing everything you say, your every move, and wondering who’s texting or calling you (especially at all hours of the night). We don’t want to go through those changes.

Not to mention those of us who’ll start wondering, “Who was it? Do I know him (or her)”?  It may go even deeper than that: “Was his ‘johnson’ bigger than mine? Did she enjoy it? How many times”? See what I mean, that’s too much to be going through or thinking about. I say all in all it depends on the person, your situation, and their level of tolerance. I touched on this in a previous post, “Saving Black Love”.

6. Why are so many men cheap?

Well I define this as maybe we don’t have it. There’s a difference here that we must understand. Someone who is ‘cheap’ has it but doesn’t want to spend it, and in worst case he’ll mooch as much as he can. However, if he really and truly doesn’t have it, this does not and should not constitute him as being cheap.

For instance, lets say Guy and Girl have been seeing each other and are out on date #5. Guy paid for the previous four dates.  He and Girl made plans for tonight, but he didn’t have the funds to cover the entire evening. Does that constitute him as being cheap? Knowing this beforehand, would you cancel and take a rain check hoping he had sufficient dough the next time?

Here’s another scenario: Girl has movie passes and Guy just paid for dinner thinking Girl would use the passes for the movie as opposed to him paying. Would his thought process be considered cheap in this situation?

If we don’t have it, we don’t have it. If we do and don’t want to spend that’s very different. Although I must admit there are some stingy mo’ fos out there. Let that be known.

7. Why won’t you ask for directions if we’re lost?

As men, generally we feel it’s our job to be the protector and to make you feel worry free. Just chalk this up to that thing called male pride.  Nothing more nothing less.

8. How many partners have you had and why not tell the truth?

Believe it or not some men do tell the truth about their partners, it’s just that some women can’t handle it.  There are those who embellish and lie on their wood for whatever reason, only God knows why. I say, don’t ask don’t tell. After all, who wants to get into a spat and be reminded of how much of  a ‘man who*e’ they are. So unless you’re ready to handle it if we’ve had a significant number, don’t ask us as there’s a good likelihood the less curious among us won’t ask you. Speaking of arguments….

9. What are you thinking when you’re having sex with us?

A plethora of things but in the end, we just want to please you. No, seriously, we do. After all, we don’t want to be known as the guy who can’t put in work. But if we let off to quickly, well,…sorry don’t now what to tell you.

10. Why don’t y’all use toilet paper when you know shaking ain’t enough?

Pee Pee Drawz - OpinionatedMale.comSome of us can shake and be all set, while some others shake and still have the case of the drips which can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Maybe we’re in a rush and have to ‘shake and go’ so to speak. And in some cases there’s simply no paper, so we just shake. I have a question: What do you all do? Answer that!

Well that’s all for now for this edition of “If Women Need To Know Just Ask”.  I hope you enjoyed this list of questions women have asked men.  We here at Opinionated Male also want to thank you all for your support and readership as we enjoy making you happy, mad, sad, laugh, whatever.

As always peace and God Bless


Title update on 01/15/19. Post Originally entitled, “If Women Need To Know Just Ask (Pt 2): 10 Questions Women Ask Men”

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