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6 Valuable Things Parents can Learn From Their Children

“I did my best”, “Mom/Dad why don’t you get me?”, “Well dad said I could”.

If these phrases have been familiar to your ears then there must be a reason. I am all for parents who are strict within reason and raising their families with somewhat of an ‘old-school flavor’ so to speak. However there are some parents who just don’t understand what’s going on. So with that being said, here are 6 things parents should learn from their children (some of these apply especially for new parents).

We make mistakes too

Cosby Show -Theo Gorgio Valente -
“….but I’m sayin tho!”

Coming in past curfew, getting drunk at a party, getting a ticket on your car are all examples of mistakes you have made or are presently making as adults.
Parents need to understand that no matter how well you raise your children, plain and simple they are going to fcuk up too.

You were young once and I’m sure you did a lot of silly and embarrassing things. If and when these things happen to your children, just sit down, talk to them and reason with the situation. If you are firm yet understanding, you should be able to quell these situations. You don’t want to risk being so arbitrary and unforgiving to the point of potentially ruining your relationship with your child.

On the other hand this isn’t the “Cosby Show” or “Full House” and things aren’t always going to be easy. And if you gotta put your foot “in they a$$” , then by all means do it.  They don’t say “Spare the rod spoil the child” for nothing. At then end of the day, this is something you have to learn from the get-go, going hand in hand with being patient.

Divide and Conquer

Readers, we all have done it. Come on don’t front on me. You all remember back in the day when you wanted to go to a party you would first go to dad, he’d say yes and then you’d go to mom and she would say no. The first thing you’d say is, “Well dad said I could”. That is just an example, and we all know children are certified professionals of it. They’ll do whatever they can to get a ‘come up’.

Although some of it is innocent when they’re little, especially when you have a ‘daddy’s little girl’, things do change when they get older. Parents must stay united and be on the same page because it can cause dissension in the household; and the last thing you want is to have parents bickering because of the children. If one parent said no the other must be in sync with that. While there can be some room for negotiation, don’t waver too much. I can’t stress this enough as children are a masters at being crafty strategist, so make sure you tread carefully.

We need you more than you think or we let on

“…and if I carry the 1, I will save you $500 on your car insurance Daddy”

No matter how old (not grown of course) or how big  they get, children are always going to need their parents for guidance and support. This bodes especially true when they reach adolescence. Sometimes children act as though they’re ‘grown’ but all in all don’t let this fool you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the simplest thing or the most difficult, they need to know they can always depend on you. Always be there for any advice or issues that may rise in your child’s life.

There will be a time when your child matures and he/she may not depend on you as much, due to the lack of ‘coolness factor’ parents possess , but it doesn’t mean you give up on them entirely.


parent-child-computer-OpinionatedMale.comWhether it’s setting up the DVR, uploading new software, downloading a new program, or even navigating through Facebook, in these days where land lines are becoming obsolete, it’s important to let your child show you some of these things that interest them. It can be beneficial on both fronts, 1) it boosts your child’s confidence because he/she is actually teaching the parent(s) something new and 2) you are spending quality time together.

It’s not about you anymore

When you have children they are first and foremost on your priority list. The days of ‘doing you’ are over (for the most part). If you have to short yourself to make sure your child gets new clothes, school supplies, things for college (should they move away) then so be it. I’m not saying you can’t have any leisure time, but that becomes almost nil once you have children. You’re going to lose sleep, take day(s) off of work, and other sacrifices have to be made to enhance the betterment of your child’s well-being.


mother and child - OpinionatedMale.comNothing in this world makes one smile more than the sight or voices of your child. You can have the toughest day at work and all it takes when you get home is to hear the elation in the word “DADDY/MOMMY!” to make you forget about your shift altogether. Children can keep you on your toes and give you a positive outlook on life merely because of their innocence.

Well readers, that’s my general list of what parents can take in from their little ones. What do you think? Do you have any children or learning experiences with children that are not covered in this list? Do tell. Curious to know what your child has taught you.

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