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9 Secrets Women Won’t tell Their Men

What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Classic line isn’t it? Well since the beginning of time couples have always hid a secret or two from one other; whether it is ‘so harmless’ why even divulge it or something ‘so damaging’ they’ll take it to the grave. Well in this article, I’ll share nine secrets that women keep from their men. Some of these I actually got from conversations over time with the fairer sex.

While a few of these may be humorous, some are actually quite serious and true. So let’s chop it up shall we….


Yes fellas, it’s true. Women while showing you all the love, attention, and affection possible actually want some breathing room. There may be a moments where your lady wants to have time to herself, or an occasional ladies day or night out.

As her man, this is your opportunity to actually spend some quality time with your home boys. She may not tell you this for fear of you potentially taking liberties on this “get out of jail free card”. However, if you actually had conversations about it, this secret may rear it’s pretty little head. As a whole, this is one quite a few women may not share with her man.


A lot of women will not admit this secret but many do have that porn stash lying around somewhere with that vaginal toy in close proximity. See, the thing is a lot of women have this teflon veil that they don’t want to be broken at all and some of them are afraid to show certain vulnerability.

Porn to many of us men is simply a guilty pleasure and we aren’t afraid to divulge the fact we watch it. However, some women won’t admit they indulge in porn, but they do. More than you think. Way more.


I’ll be slightly biased and say men typically can get away with this (although I don’t do it nor condone it). Women on the other hand can’t, but some do it. I’m sure they have had those days where it’s a ‘laundry day’ and all they have is what they have on. It’s nothing to get some body spray, shoot a few squirts and play it off. The point is anytime a woman chastises you over the ‘consecutive day undies’ streak, just remember there is a likelihood she’s probably guilty of the same thing.


Shower Pee - OpinionatedMale.comYes, some women do this! Maybe it’s convenient for them to kill two birds with one stone. I knew of a brother who shared a story with me of this very situation. Presumably he wanted to surprise his woman while she was in the shower. As he walked in behind her he saw her actually peeing while washing herself. When he asked her of this, embarrassed she said she didn’t want him to know but that she does from time to time.

I guess if you gotta go you gotta go. Just don’t drop any deuces in there. That’s beyond deplorable and disgusting.


These are two of the ‘deadliest phrases’ that women use. It’s been well documented, trust and believe. If you and her are arguing and she says one of those two phrases, watch out. If you ask her a question and you pretty much know what her answer will be, but instead she says, “It’s okay”…uhhh…no sirree Bob.


This is one secret that a woman will take to the grave unless you knew about it before you and her got together; in which case I don’t think you would go about a relationship with her. As a man, this would be a difficult pill to swallow if you two were together and you became privy to this information. I’m sure you’d prefer not to picture those things.


In regards to the cheating part, women tend to keep this secret under wraps unless their hand is forced to in some way shape or form…like an argument maybe.

Women are much better at keeping this secret than men. The sad thing is you [the man] can go on in a relationship thinking everything is roses when they’re quite a few unexposed thorns in there somewhere. And as I touched on in a previous article, women can have as many side dudes as they can handle. Yet the minute you – the man – get caught with one,…to quote the song from Buju Banton, “It’s all ovah.”

In regards to having an STD, that to me is the most damaging because it’s probably not really a secret (although it can be). They have it and don’t know it and unintentionally spread it. To me that’s very unfortunate because there are brothers out there that have STD’s and could care less about who gets it, so you have the woman who’s unsuspecting and trusting getting it from him and then from there it spreads like wildfire. Unfortunately, especially in the black community. Wrap it up.


Not only is this a secret but it’s also a lie. I along with a few brothers were actually engaged in this conversation about why women lie about how many men they’ve slept with. One speculation or theory was that they don’t want their ‘high’ penis count to turn men off, because “You know, I actually like this one“; or some women like to place themselves on pedestals and don’t want to be exposed. I can understand this because many women (not all) have had their, for lack of a better term,–*ahem*– stages of momentous promiscuity. And please I’m not referring to any woman as a h*e, but hear me out.

So, yes, lots of women in their late teens early 20’s (usually the college years) go through a period where they blazed a trail of sexual partners and then settled down as they got older and more established. Tack on a few relationships here, an occasional one night stand there, and suddenly they’re in the 30-35 age bracket with 13, 14, or more guys under their (garter) belt.

When it comes to number of partners according to theories, women lie down, men lie up.


I had to put this here for the heck of it. Ladies, though, if your name is Teresa and you used to be Terry would you tell your mate? I guess it’s better having one previously than having one now, huh? Gents imagine this happening to you…

Or ask Eddie Murphy or DJ Mister Cee.

That’s all for now folks. Thoughts?

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  • t-roy

    No she hasn’t slept with any of my friends and if she did I would already know (Guys talk amongst guys just as much as women do.) And if she lied about her count then she aint worth my time. To lie about your count is be ashamed of yourself who wants to deal with someone who cant be honest

    • Cortonio

      What if she lied about her count because she really liked you and didn’t want to deter you from seeing her again or moving forward with her?
      In which case although she’s dishonest you’d give her the benefit of the doubt.

    • Cortonio

      David welcome to Opinionated Male
      He more than likely wouldn’t but the premise here was SHE telling you that she slept with one of your friends that was the secret she wouldn’t tell you, unless she really wanted to stick that proverbial knife into your back as part of some sort of retribution.

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