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Should Black men Keep Their Sexuality Hidden in the Workplace?

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“I’m coming out…. Coming!…I want the world to know gotta let it show…”. I’m sorry, but that seems to be the new National Anthem these days. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, the latest news is about Mizzou’s defensive lineman Michael Sam coming out the closet revealing to the sports world that he will be the first openly gay athlete to [actively] compete in a major American sport.

MichaelSamGayFootballHRC -

Journalists and the media have been in a frenzy trying to figure out how he will be accepted in the NFL. More importantly, how will Michael Sam’s sexuality affect his draft status in the 2014 NFL draft? Personally I don’t feel his sexuality is going to be a factor in any aspect of his life unless he does not perform on the gridiron (Football Field). He might hear some [derogatory] shyt like: “Get his *expletive* ass off the field”. Or he may get some reporter asking, “What is Michael Sam like in the locker room”? Insinuating he may be lurking around in the showers like a peeping tom looking at his teammates; something any homophobe would expect all gay people would do.

With all of Michael Sam’s accolades I guess his stats were not enough for him to keep his sexuality confidential. On an ESPN interview he stated:

“It was important for me to tell my story so that the world does not hear it from someone else”.

Overall, I give Michael Sam much respect for owning his individuality, and not giving a fcuk of what people think of his sexual orientation. In addition, if I was to bet on who would win in an all out brawl between him and who ever wants to call him a derogatory term, my money is on Sam…all 6’2″, 255 pounds of him. No homo lol!

But when did sexuality become so important that it must be revealed in the workplace?

Jason Collins Gay - Athlete-
Jason Collins ‘came out’ publicly April 2013

As a black man we face many obstacles, many self-imposed but mostly institutional. Most black men do not have the ability to play sports on a professional level or be a world-class entertainer. Most of us are entrepreneurs or work in the private or public sector. However, when I see how sexuality is becoming such a big deal in American sports, it’s a matter of time until we see sexual orientation as a questionnaire on job applications. If you thought lying on your job application about a case you caught in undergrad was a big deal, wait till you have to explain your sexual preference. I can see ’em sweating now!

In conclusion, sexuality is a matter of personal preference and whom ever you choose to express that with. And for my homosexual brothers and sisters, why place yourself in a quota situation or broadcast your sexual preference when at the end of the day nobody cares but you? If you’re the absolute best at your craft and no one in the office can do the work that you do, allow that to speak volumes. You will be surprised because everyone is going turn Gay– Gay with the fact that your productivity is making them more money!

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K. Ferdinand



Post title Update on 01/15/19. Originally entitled, “Down Low Brothas on the Job: Should Black Men Keep Their Sexuality Hidden in the Workplace?”

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  • Tracey

    I agree that one’s sexual orientation is their business and appreciate your support of Sam. But a man that works in an office setting and a professional athlete are very different professions. There are no paparazzi, media outlets, and greedy people trying to make money on your name. It was widely known when Sam was in college that he was gay, so if drafted someone would have outted him. It was brave and strategic of him to make it front page on his own terms. Hopefully one day as a nation we can stop the discrimination and hostility towards gay people. Thank you for starting a productive conversation on this topic.

    • Mr SoBo

      “It was widely known when Sam was in college that he was gay, so if drafted someone would have outted him. It was brave and strategic of him to make it front page on his own terms.”
      Coming out on one’s own terms to avoid being outted under scandal. Hmmnn…That is very possible.
      Welcome to the OM Tracey.
      *rolls out red carpet*

  • Jess

    I do agree to him coming out on his own terms, since he was widely known for being gay before the NFL. Seeing as this factor holds much stigma; he might as well own it.

    • Cortonio

      true, but my thing is, why must athletes all of a sudden feel the need to announce it to the world. If you want to announce it to your coach and teammates that’s one thing, but the whole media. Like Jason Collins they made a huge circus because he signed with the nets on Sunday and even chronicled his game stats. The dude set 3 picks grabbed 3 rebounds and they pin pointed ALL of it. He is a pro basketball player, isn’t that what they do??? I’m just not digging this agenda and media circus behind homosexuality.

      • Tracey

        I hear you, in an ideal world these gay athletes shouldn’t have to announce anything. It’s no one’s business, people’s focus should be on their game. Unfortunately, it’s just not the case. If media outlets such as TMZ, Media Takeout, Wendy Williams, or Star Magazine reported that he was gay first, they would sensationalize it and turn it into a scandal. I agree, the circus that the media created behind homosexuality is sickening.

      • Shy Fran

        Jason Collins is not a great ball player & definitely not the type to have a highlight reel…but after his announcement, he’s a superstar. Shannon Brown signed the same 10 contract & no one cared.
        Michael Sam is one dimensional & had an lack luster combine. In other news, he also had a hard on at the actual combine. That’s kinda awkward.
        My point is this. Are we supporting LGBT equality or their unfair privilege?

        • Cortonio

          thank you! Even last night they made a deal og him playing against the trailblazers and he played 10 minutes with nothing to show for it. I’m just tired of the overall agenda, there are millions of gay people in this world but for some reason it is being exploited like it’s the 2nd coming of Christ himself. My whole thing is, if you are, you are…I did a post on this last year when Collins came out. It was called “To kiss or not to kisss….check it out.

  • Cortonio

    absolutely and there have been several athletes that have come out long before Sam or Collins. Britney Griner, Sheryl Swoopes, John Amaechi to name a few so yes the frenzy has become quite hackneyed to say the least. Maybe someone should pull a publicity stunt and say “Hey look everyone, I like a$$ and T*ts, I love women!”

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