You’ve Got Male! (YGM!) – Your Questions, Our Answers


[*Update 01/5/18: ‘YGM! You’ve Got Male!’ has been renamed to ‘Ask The Men’]

What’s up bro hams and bro hamlets. Ahhhhh. OM Family stand up! Some of ya’ll have already heard (and by heard I mean read), and some of ya’ll haven’t. Either way we’re making the official announcement now. So yeah, The Opinionated Male has a new installment called, You’ve Got Male! Get it? You’ve Got Male? Mail? -_- Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Anyway, You’ve Got Male! (YGM! for short) is our advice segment. Apparently quite a few of you out there crave personalized words of wisdom, the Opinionated Male way – no filter. And who are we to deny you? Exactly!

So simply send in your questions or dilemmas here or to with ‘YGM!’ in the subject line and we’ll take it from there. Keep in mind that since we will publish your letters, you will need to indicate whether you’d like us to use an alias or your rightful name.  The final step is for you to check back here to see if You’ve Got Male! Thats it.

So there you have it guys and gals. Consider this a gift of sorts. We appreciate ya’ll and sh*t. Why? Cause we’re cool like that. We’re funk like that. We’re jazz like that. We out…we out…we out…

Nah, we still here tho.

Mr SoBo & Cortonio

Mr SoBo -OpinionatedMale.comCortonio 1


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