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What Qualities Makes a Woman Extremely Attractive?

Before we begin lets take a look at this list: Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Vivica Fox, Toni Braxton, Gabrielle Union, Jada Pinkett just to name a few of the women over the years in their prime (and some still today) that have made men googly-eyed and downright fixated. And men, I have been guilty of it too – having been so into the women of style and little substance.

If you think about it who doesn’t want an apple or onion booty; voluptuous breasts, hips, legs, and even feet? I love me some nice feet – don’t judge me. This has always been the choice du’ jour so to speak. However, have we ever stopped and asked ourselves what REALLY makes a woman attractive? I mean simply beautiful? Well here’s some food for thought. Eat up.


I know this probably sounds like someone with a closed-minded view, but it isn’t. Men love accents on a woman. If you don’t have one, or lost it along the way, it’s not a deal breaker by any means. I used to be in love with Melanie Brown of the Spice Girls, and I wasn’t a Spice Girls fan. What did it for me? You guessed it, her accent, and the fact that she is beautiful doesn’t hurt. I LOVE a British accent, and for some reason it accentuates itself more on a sister.

Accents add another dimension to a woman. Personally, my three favorite ones are British, Southern, and Trinidadian.

Being a Good Mother

“When I saw her running up the hill with him in his stroller kicking his feet and the smile on her face, I knew she was a good mom. I just felt it”.

I was talking to a man who I know of well, and one day he shared this story. Those were his words.  Interestingly enough he courted, married and had 3 children of his own by this woman.

I don’t need to go into specifics of what a good mother is or should be. We all should know. And being a good mother helps sow the seeds of the up and coming beautiful women of society and neutralizes and nullifies the *ahem* ratchets.

Sense of Humor

Man and Woman Laughing - OpinionatedMale.comSome women have it, some don’t. Some women know a good joke and will appreciate it, and some can’t. I think I can be safe in speaking for all men when I say that a woman with a sense of humor is a complete turn on. If she doesn’t have one, again not a deal breaker.

Imagine this though:

You’re out with a lady and the two of you sit and reminisce about funny movies and even recite some of the funny things that were said and done while sharing hearty to even gut busting laughs. Or you could be in the midst of a conversation and you throw a witty one-liner that is legit funny and she laughs and better yet reciprocates in return. Orrrrrr you could be watching a movie or show and something hilarious happens and you both laugh at it because you both appreciate the humor. In fact it can even be disarming for you as a man because it can actually relieve some of the pressure of the situation. And chances are, if she’s funny then she’s likely fun to be around and probably down for whatever.


A woman who is confident with herself <- where is the fault in that? I’m not referring to outright arrogance or being stuck up; especially when it comes to being approached by men. Nothing is sexier than a woman who is confident and sure of herself. You can tell sometimes by the way she walks, as if she’s on a mission to conquer whatever is in her way. She has a strut that says, “I’m a boss” or “I’m the sh*t”. And she takes care of business as usual.

Confidence in herself also being that if she is involved with a man, she’s not done in by her insecurities because she knows she does what it takes to keep her man happy; and she knows he aint goin’ nowhere. (Unfortunately this doesn’t always stop some brothers from still cheating).

Lynn Whitfield’s character in “Thin Line Between Love and Hate” personified and exemplified this, until she threw a nutty towards the end.

*And this shouldn’t be a spoiler; that movie is damn near 20 yrs old, you should have seen it by now!*


As men we all have the urge to be wanted by a woman on all levels. However, an independent woman is always a turn on and knowing how to balance her independence and dependence on a man is something truly gravitating.

Putting Oneself Together/Accessorizing

Black Women Fashion2 - OpinionatedMale.comIf you don’t understand where I am coming from then check out: “She really came out the house with that?! Women’s fashions that turn men off”. Yes I’ll say it ladies: you all get on us brothers for not knowing how to dress or put things together, and I will say that it’s the same on your end. There are very few more attractive things than a woman who flat-out knows how to dress. Knowing what to wear, how to wear it, and knowing the limits to her garments and her body (not forcing a size 10 pants to a size 16 waist) is a beautiful thing. Dressing her age is also vital, and combining that with some nice scented perfume, it’s a wrap.

Some of my faves are DKNY, Vera Wang, Ed Hardy, and Curve for women. Spring/Summer season: Summer dresses, skirts, crop pants with a blouse and some sandals, wedges, just to name a few get the job done. Winter: Boot cut jeans, leather boots, nice sweaters, even some ladies timberlands (depending on the size and style) are splendid choices.

Wearing a nice coat or jacket to cap off the outfit is important too. All in all, a woman who has style and grace with her apparel is never a bad thing.

A 1-2-3 Combo

Allow me to preface this by saying some women actually can have all three, some don’t. Possessing street smarts, book smarts, and common sense is usually a turn on. Let me tell you why: It accentuates her versatility as she navigates her way through this road we call life. Picture a woman who can go to a business cocktail party with higher-ups, chill in the ‘hood with no trepidation, and is educated with a business sense. In addition, a woman who can adapt to any way of life is beneficial because she isn’t pigeon holed into only being with a certain type of man.

Gents, what other qualities turn you on in a woman? What qualities do you see in other women whether it be family or friend that you admire? Ladies, what are some qualities you feel makes women attractive to men? Holla at me!!!


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    • Cortonio

      that’d be interesting for sure. And yes everyone has accents, but i was speaking in relative terms to ours but point taken

      • Stacey

        I like southern accents, east coast accents and west coast accents. Southern is definitely my favorite though. It seems to me that men like women that are very encouraging, this may go with the mothering quality.

    • Stacey

      I am interested in seeing your list. I’ve realized that some men prefer plainer women. My friends husband is one of them, almost doesn’t want her to do too much with her look as far as hair and accessories.

  • Stacey

    Do men look at spending habits, financial stability?
    Something I noticed with my ex is that with his increasing salary, he wanted to spend more and more. It wasn’t quite a red flag, more yellow. A six figure salary can be blown on a car, house/rent, just like a five figure salary.
    I appreciate a man that knows how to survive off less even though he may have more now.

    • Cortonio

      i’m sure a lot of men do, especially when it comes to them being the lone provider for the household. I don’t think a man would want a woman who spends frivolously. And yes, anyone who can adapt and thrive on financial adversity is a soldier indeed. Especially a woman who does so

  • jackie

    I’ve been told by my ex that my accent is attractive (it only came out when I was angry) but I think confidence and knowing how to put together an outfit go hand in hand. Personally I think I am most confident when I’m all dressed up. But there could also be a fine line between being confident and being conceited.

    • Cortonio

      absolutely and often times that line is blurred, especially when dealing with the younger generation of women.
      Where are you from may I ask?
      Welcome to Opinionated Male

      • jackie

        Thank you, by the way I think young men can be just as conceited (hehe). I’m originally from Montreal Canada. My parents are from the Caribbean. My ex was from Toronto (I lived there for a few years) and he said I had a very unique accent when I was angry. I guess a little Caribbean accent mix with some weird variation of French Canadian and English Canadian??? I have no idea. For myself I do know that when I’m angry I hear the Caribbean accent come out!
        Where are you from?

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