The One: You Know you Found her When This Happens

Loving Couple -
Artwork courtesy of Justin Lucarelli @


They say I am strong and unyielding with an emotional fortitude thats shielding, yet Her spirit weakens me.

Armed with clarity and a firm grasp of reality, I navigate this unpredictable sea I call life, yet I constantly find myself lost in Her eyes.

With every glance into the softly beckoning and disarmingly feminine dreamy windows of Her soul, she ensnares my spirit and catapults me into a dreamlike state of my own.

Visions – of a future filled with memories, heartfelt “I Do’s” celebrated in ceremonies serenaded with songs of the innocence we long shed, but now welcome back into our lives as a testament of our love – consume me as I drift further into Her gaze.

If Medusa’s talent was turning men’s hearts into cold stone, then this woman is no fool and has turned mine into a pool of  desire fueled by Her fire.

How does she do this to me?

They say I am strong and unyielding with an emotional fortitude thats shielding, yet Her spirit has weakened me.

Armed with purpose as my compass and cynicism as my cool, I navigate this unpredictable sea I call life, yet I constantly find Her fanning the flames of my heart with Her smile through my days and my nights; even turning my darkness to lights.

Got damn that smile – so bright and full of fun. With a simple laugh she could light up the night sky and scorch the sun.

A radiance so brilliant it sparks quite the reaction to behold. As the width of Her grin sets in, the sun rises in Her cheekbones….

…and sets in Her eyes.

Damn. Here I am again. Trapped in the cycle of Her, my enchantment never ends.

Helpless in this mystery as I remain adrift at sea entranced with visions of Her and I becoming Mr. & Mrs Me. Again I ask: How did she do thisto me?

I once believed I was strong and unyielding with an emotional fortitude that was shielding, fearful I was weakening mistakenly.

But upon opening my eyes, I now realize Her spirit only awakened me.

Finally allowing me to fully see myself…

…in Her.

So Gents, how many of you have ever met ‘Her’? How did you feel about it? Ladies, how many of you have been ‘Her’ to a guy?  How did that make you feel – special  or indifferent?  Do tell.

Mr. SoBo

Mr SoBo 3- “…Where Smart Men Rock”

8 thoughts on “The One: You Know you Found her When This Happens

  1. Hmm..must be nice. Can’t say that I’ve ever been a man’s “her” except for AFTER the fact. Seems as though guys always and only realize this after I’m gone. Wonder what it feels like to be his “her” while I’m still present in his life. Meh. Oh well…I’ll just continue to be that “her” to me myself and I.


  2. omg i love this….let me relish in this piece before I give my 2 cents on what it used to feel like to be “her”……

    I’ll be back after I awake from a literary coma….dreaming of those above words…

    Very nice OM.


    1. Hello,
      I love this poem. I am “her” now. For the first time in my life I feel I am home, secure, protected, respected, and loved.
      We both clearly recognize that God put us together and we put him first.


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