Last Man Standing-
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When the Fight Inside You is Bigger Than Your Fear | Poetry

You can punch me and you can kick me
You can fool me and you can trick me
But I still stand

You can yell at me, you can curse at me
You can throw all including the worst at me
But I still stand

You can chain me and you can whip me
You can make me ‘runner-up-to-your-championship’ me
But I still stand

You can take away my aspirations and all my hopes
You can have me feeling like I’m strung out on dope
But I still stand

You can take away all my jewels, my money and my cars
You can leave me bruised, scratched, and full of scars
But I still stand

You can leave me trapped, cornered, and fenced
Even all my family has turned against…me
But I still stand

I have been beaten pillaged and left for dead
Stab wounds on my body and knots on my head
But I still stand

What else can you do to me that hasn’t been done?
You think I’m scared of you so I’ll turn and run?
Well fcuk you, I’m still here staring you in the face
You think I’m going to settle for 2nd or 3rd place?
I will not die nor will I be defeated
I will not be left alone or be depleted
I will….still…..stand


Poem Title: “Last Man Standing”

Updated on 01/15/19, Post originally entitled, “Finding Your Courage: The Moment you Realize You’d Rather die on Your Feet Than Live on Your Knees | Poetry”

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