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What do you Appreciate Most About the Person You’re With?

Taken from a brotha and a sista who found love for the first time in a long time. Imagine having had stumbled across one bad relationship after another. Having dealt with nothing but drama, infidelity, and just pure heartache especially after loving hard and giving your all to a person. Now you’ve finally come across ‘The One’ and you’ve found that elusive smile. Enjoy this poetic expression.

‘Why Do I Love Thee?’

Why do I love her?
She makes me smile every day and keeps my stomach fed
She satisfies all my needs when it’s time for bed
She’s easy on the eyes and her voice soothes me
If I were to step out on her, that would not behoove me

Why do I love him?
He knows all my favorite things even down to my favorite flowers
We can talk about any and everything for hours and hours
When I’m not around him, I’m missing him the most
I feel so safe in his arms when he holds me close

Why do I love her?
She’s always on time and I’m the one that’s usually late
We reminisce about everything even down to our first date
She gets and understands all of my weird quirks and traits
She didn’t just give herself up to me, she made me wait

Why do I love him?
Nothing rattles him, he’s calm cool and collected
The chemistry is awesome I still can’t believe how we connected
He always picks me up when I’m feeling down
He makes me laugh no matter how much I want to frown

Why do we love us?
She is my friend, confidant, soul mate and my lover
At night he keeps me warm and never steals the covers
I never thought I’d give another man my heart
Not a day goes by where I wish we weren’t apart
After loving her I would never want another
I thank God everyday that we have found each other




Updated on 01/15/19, Post originally entitled, “Love ’em or Leave ’em: Do you Truly Appreciate the one you are With?”

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