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Relationship Over? Why Great sex can Make it Cheaper to Keep Her

So you’ve come to terms with the inevitable – you’re dissatisfied with your relationship and/or partner and you want them both to be over. So what do you do?  End your relationship, right? Seems easy enough. Everyone has contemplated a break up and has actually gone through with it at least once in their lifetime. But what is the true outcome once the relationship is over? Do you stand to gain or lose? In my decades on this planet I have gone through, seen, and heard my share of growing pains dealing with the trials and tribulations of the opposite sex.

“It’s cheaper to keep her”

I heard this expression when I was in high school. To be totally frank, I don’t remember the root of the conversation but that’s the phrase that stuck in my head for years since then. As I’ve gotten older I began to understand the reasoning behind it. Is it really good to ‘keep’ a woman around regardless?  Do I agree with this expression?

There’s two schools of thought on that, so I guess I have two answers.

1) You can cut your losses (especially if you are reciprocal in your feelings) and move on and benefit mentally, emotionally, and maybe socially. How about benefiting financially though? Chances are you are going to pay a visit to the man clad in a black robe telling you how to spend your money and raise your child the system’s way. So you’ll be handcuffed for the next 18 (or more) years, and if you dare fall behind in support payments there are always repercussions for you to deal with. And in the event there’s alimony involved, there are also shackles to go along with those handcuffs (unless you’re Michael Jordan  or any other celebrity who wipes their bottom with ‘C’ notes).

However, let’s get to number two.

2) If you decide to stick it out and make a go of it, the two of you can always hash things out (or not, but you stay anyway). And you’ll have the benefit of seeing and raising your child the way you should. And the financial burden may not be as much of a burden after all.

So with that out the way let me get to the meat (yes pun intended and you’ll see why in a minute) of this. When it comes to keeping a woman, do you REALLY need to have money though? It can be even cheaper than cheaper to keep her and I’ll tell you why. Allow me to preface this by saying I’ve seen this happen many a time so there’s no smoke and mirrors here. Some brotherz actually know the way to be cheaper to keep her and here’s the answer:

The Almighty D.
Angry Dick - OpinionatedMaleblogYes, I said it. The ‘D’ is what tends to keep men afloat in the waters of a strained relationship. I’m not saying every woman has this weakness but quite a few of them fall victim to it. The wives, girlfriends, baby mamas, etc. No one is safe from this epidemic. And while it goes on, they [women] for whatever reason stay there wallowing in the ecstasy of complete satisfaction but on the inside still questioning: “Why am I…?, Why do I keep…?

Many men with immaculate pipe laying can get away with being a$$holes, continuously broke, and just having plain ineptitude when it comes to dealing with women. Do you know how many women can be on the precipice of jumping ship to a better situation but once the ‘D’ comes calling, all is forgotten? Why? Is it the emotional attachment many women feel when giving their body up, especially if it’s good? Is it lust, that they crave it [The D] so much they put principles and morals aside of what a healthy relationship is and “sell” their ‘goods’ for the ‘johnson’? Is it that some women just outright hate the feeling of being alone and lonely so they stay around and accept the emotional (and sometimes physical) abuse for those sessions of good loving?

The sad thing is, laying good pipe is all some men have to do to keep such a woman around. She could even be the type that is a damn good keeper and does more than just kick in the va jay jay. Those men however, know such a woman is a major come up without providing any return on her emotional and physical investment. Sad.

Its something to ponder though. Just because it feels good doesn’t mean it is good for you.

So ladies/ fellas why does this happen? Do you know of anyone or have you yourself succumbed to the ‘D’? What are your thoughts on my thoughts?

Peace as always



Updated on 01/15/19, Post originally entitled, “The #1 Reason it Might be Cheaper to Keep Her, and it may Surprise You‏”

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