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The Undeniable Bond Between Woman and Man | Poem

Today’s featured guest post is brought to you by Miss. KK. Enjoy!


Midnight Interlude

Lying next to me, hearing you breathe
Sets me at ease…
I draw back the sheets to admire you, your masculinity
Drawn to how different you are from me
Your body calls, eliciting a sweet response in the form of kisses
A silent conversation ensues between us two
You reach for me
My Adam, your Eve
And smile
Amazed by how your eyes are shrouded by the shadows of moonlight

…I love you

 – Miss. KK

Miss. KK considers herself a true southerner at heart with an undying love for all things glazed and covered in gravy. When she’s not harassing her baby boy with hugs and kisses, she enjoys napping, Rubik’s cubes and Agatha Christie novels.


Updated on 01/15/19, Post originally entitled, “The Moment a Woman Realizes she’s in Love‏”

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