How our ‘Ask The Men’ Advice Column can Help you With Questions on Life, Love & Dating

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Why ‘Ask The Men’ might be the next best option for men and women seeking life or relationship advice

Why wouldn’t it be? Companionship and happiness are important to most and the frustrations of daily life and modern dating has made achieving those goals extremely challenging. We all need a little direction from time to time in the form of life hacks, dating and relationship counseling and even co-parenting advice (for individuals with children) in order to maneuver through the shenanigans while also securing a firm hold our happiness and sanity. This is why our *Ask The Men advice column was created – to serve up helpful tips and highly informative answers in direct response to your open letters, questions and bedroom confessions.

Whether you’re a guy telling us about your dating dilemma with your lady, a dad looking for ways to strengthen the bond with his children, or a young woman looking for answers on her concerns with her fiancé, we want to help you make smart decisions specific to your situations as we strive to remain as objective, balanced and fair as possible when dishing out our advice.

So the next time you find yourself in need of a second opinion and prefer to obtain unbiased input from someone that is not a friend or family for a change, just Ask The Men. We got you covered.

What separates ‘Ask The Men‘ from other online advice columns?

Anti-Panda - - Ask The Men Advice Column
       Just Say No to Panderers

We are men. We are men behaving manly. We are men genuinely interested in helping both men and women.

We are also a pander free zone.

Although we are empathetic to your situations (we really are), we’re not exactly in the business of cosigning your feelings or phucketty phuckshyt. Aint no coddling here. We’re also not interested in being agreeable. Why not, you ask? Because we understand that catering to your emotional sensibilities (or ego) by telling you what you want to hear isn’t beneficial to you unless it is in fact something you truly do need to hear.

What we provide are freshly squeezed, unfiltered, unsweetened, unapologetic, un-sanitized, and above all, untainted male point of views. Yes, honest guy opinions that aren’t rife with political correctness.

Our goal is simple – to address your concerns objectively and common sensibly in hopes to help you  successfully navigate the ups and downs of your life and relationship with clarity and confidence.

What sort of dating tips and life guidance can you expect to receive from us?

Think About It Guy Meme - Ask The Men Advice Column

Thoughtful ones.  If you took the time out of your day to tell us your story or ask a question, then got dammit we will take the time out of ours to give you something to think about. Even if that means rolling up our sleeves, sipping on a glass of wine or swirling a snifter of cognac as the midnight oil burns, we got you. Besides, it’s a well documented fact that drunken advice is the best advice you can ever receive, bar none. So if the response you get from us starts off like this…

…and somehow ends up like this…

…well then, you my friend just got served some of the most thorough’est, baller-ass advice ever. You’re welcome.

In the end, we cannot in good faith make any promises on the outcomes of your situations based on our views and suggestions; but at the very least you will have gained a new perspective to consider when determining your next course of action in handling your personal affairs.

How do you submit your questions and letters?

Contact-Us - - Ask The Men

You can submit your letters using our contact form (also below) or simply email us directly at with Ask The Men in the subject line; we’ll take it from there.  But be sure to read our guidelines first.

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Mr SoBo & Cortonio

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Don’t be shy, go ahead Ask The Men. We’re here to help.


[*Ask The Men is the updated version of our You’ve Got Male! (YGM!) advice column series.]

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