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About Opinionated Male “…where Smart Men Rock”, is an urban romance, art & culture, lifestyle & entertainment blog. Experience life, love, and sex through the eyes of men. We aim to deliver a fresh take on a variety of popular issues relating to both men and women with a NEW post released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. can be described as being Smexy (Smart & Sexy), Provocative and Uncensored, unafraid of going against the grain as we unapologetically challenge modern thought while being prepared to be on the unpopular side of the conversation from time to time. Such is the spice of life, and spice makes for a flavor full meal. Therefore, we take pride in appreciating the view both inside and outside of the box. With that in mind, we broker an atmosphere that aims to encourage dialogue amongst our readership where different ideas and experiences are explored and new perspectives gained.

With social commentary ranging from anecdotal to more serious discourse, we explore various subjects by taking an honest look at ourselves while examining how we [people] relate to these issues. Largely focusing on sex & romance topics (because who doesn’t like sex and romance topics), Opinionated Male™ takes a unique approach by not only addressing the common situations we as men and women find ourselves in, but also highlighting the social dynamics that lead men and women to think and behave within relationships the way that we do.

So prepare yourselves to be challenged. Entertained. Maybe even a little ‘offended’ at times. But above all, enjoy yourselves and have fun in this open bar of thought. It’s on us. So please, blog responsibly.