Opinionated Male Champagne glass
Cehh-lah-brate good times. Come on!

**Consider clicking the music player to your right if you’d like.

Ladies and gents, we are gearing up for an exciting new year as (The) Opinionated Male is officially introduced to the blogosphere. This is your VIP invitation. Join us right here this Monday, January 14th to commemorate the launch of Opinionated Male with its very first post.

Yep. Its a celebration b!tches! There will be balloons, champagne, hors d’oeuvres, stripp…er…uh.. Well..um,…not quite all that, but you get the point. For now, however, we do have a menu for you. So while you’re here, you might as well sample it for yourselves. Look up top.

Yes, go ahead. Look. We want you to. Check out our rooms, our ambience. See what Opinionated Male is all about in the About section. Learn a little about your hosts, since they’ll be bringing you the most.

In the end, we hope you like what you see and read. Perhaps you’ll consider making OpinionatedMale.com one of your favorite destinations on the web. Your home away from home. If not, well, thats fine too. After all, thats just your opinion. <- See that?

So prospective readers, fans, followers, naysayers, etc., you have your invitation. Mark your calendars. Set your cell phone reminders. You can even get a head start by subscribing in the side panel to your right. Whatever your method, Opinionated Male looks forward to your viewership Monday, January 14th and beyond. Our doors are open. Now is the time to take it all in. Enjoy.

Opinionated Male
“Where Smart Men Rock”

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