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Sometime during 2010 a curious outsider ventured into the blogosphere after receiving emails from a friend that contained humorous excerpts of a blogsite discussion. The intelligently written and equally entertaining commentary piqued his interest and led him directly to a very smart award winning blog. Initially a lurker, it wasn’t long before he settled in and joined the community of commenters under his handle, Mr. SoBo.

Shortly thereafter, Opinionated Male began making appearances to Mr. SoBo in the form of fleeting embryonic thoughts. Over the next three years, the seeds of inspiration eventually took hold as those thoughts were fertilized and nurtured into a daydreamer’s fantasy; eventually evolving into a well rounded concept to be birthed into reality November 2012 as development for the blog commenced. Two months later (and almost 3 years from initial idea) the site where ‘Smart Men Rock’ makes its official debut, as Mr. SoBo presents (The) Opinionated Male to the blogosphere, January 14, 2013.