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Who the eff is Mr. SoBo??

The unconventional thinker. Realist. Colder than a philosophical winter.  Pianist. Examiner of the human condition and it’s endlessly nuanced, yet oftentimes astonishingly predictable nature. The ‘ME’ she loves and hates at the same time. The dreamer, originator and creative force behind I am Mr. SoBo, and He is Me.

Hello world.

I’m a relatively laid back gent with an innately creative spirit. Finding artistic beauty in things the brain’s naked eye sometimes overlooks; unfairly impaired by the stigmatism of socialization. Possessing such an unconventional way of looking at things, I am no stranger to the outskirts designated for dissenting view points. Such is the price of ‘Free Thinking’, which happens to be the prescription lens I wear. How do you look at life?

I find serenity in nature and music. I am passionate, yet I don’t give a damn. I am the love in your hate. I am the summer in your winter. I am controversy. Balance is what I seek in all things, but verbosity is my achilles heel; so I write with a limp. I write because I love it. Thats just the artist in me. And if you’ve read up to this point, I’ve been the artist you see.

But enough of that poetic injustice.

Cursed with a dyn-o-mite sense of humor that is drier than a va-J.J. without foreplay, I’m an everyday man that has to navigate my existence like everyone else. Experiencing the successes, failures and lessons our harsh, tough loving but effective teacher ‘Life’ has to give. She can be a b*tch indeed. But I love her anyway. And she loves me, with the understanding that she will only be as good to me as I am to myself. Such is the case with us all, which ironically is exactly what makes life so interesting and worth discussing in the first place. Ergo, concurrently, vis’-a-vis’,

Now allow me to introduce the lady’s avenger and their bathwater sipper. The candle lighter and their toenail clipper. A lady’s best friend…Cortonio


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  • Soulflower

    Just the fact that Huey Freeman is the pictorial representation of who you are is hysterical! Explains a lot about your posts. 🙂

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