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Double Standards – 21 Questions on why She can but He Can’t

I’ve been through many things over the years. I’ve broken hearts, I’ve had my heart broken. I’ve been the rebound for women, I have rebounded women. I’ve experienced good sex, and I’ve given good sex. I’ve experienced bad sex, and I’m sure I have had my ‘UMASS Minutemen’ performances. I’ve been told I was everything ranging from sexy to ugly. So I wanna pose a question to the readers: Why is it that men are vilified or looked at differently for things they ‘do’, ‘don’t do’, and say, but women aren’t?

Like, why can a woman say a man is ugly and that’s ok, but as soon as a guy does it he’s wrong? Is it much of a crime for a man to simply say, “That chick is ugly” or use whatever vernacular he chooses to air his disapproval? I mean seriously, if a woman stepped to me and she wasn’t easy on the eyes, isn’t it my right to say she is visually unappealing? Why can’t I without being looked at some type of way?

Why can a woman clown a guy’s bedroom skills (or lack there of) and it seems to be acceptable, but if a man does it, it falls on deaf ears? Believe me I’ve heard it. If a woman’s bed skills are whack, that is nothing compared to a man’s shortcomings on size OR performance.

Speaking of sex, I never understood how a woman can criticize a man’s ineptitude in the bed and/or his lack of size, but she lets him smash more than twice. I guess I can understand a second chance, but if he’s supposedly still whack, why go again? Didn’t you know his meat missile was coming up short before he entered? I don’t get it.

The sad and funny thing about this is that no one seems to question the woman/women who say these asinine things. How is it ok for a woman to be unemployed, living off public housing, and bearing a basketball team full of children, yet they can be taken care of by the system? But a man?! …Ha! Yeah right! He is expected to get and maintain a job.

Now I’m not necessarily condoning that a man live off the system, but brothas sometimes need a little boost too. Food stamps won’t shorten your life span. You mean to tell me it is okay for single women to be given the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Nobel Prize, and the Purple Heart for being SINGLE moms, but men who are single parents don’t get much accolades? It’s almost like, “Well you can handle it”. Well the fact is, its just as hard. Being a single parent, and I mean a LEGIT single parent-one who has no partner in the picture because of choice or unfortunate circumstance-is a tough task.

This brings me to another point: If a man is broke (which can be for dozens of reasons, not necessarily because of ridiculous spending, but maybe a low paying job, lots of bills, a screwy debt to income ratio, whatever the reason) he is looked at with the rolling of the eyes. But if a woman is broke, it’s okay because a man…any man…should be able to take care of her. If a woman can’t cook, clean and maintain, it’s acceptable. But let a man not be able to fix something around the house…OH MY GOSH, HOLD THE PHONES!

I feel that if a woman wants to be on par with a man and be equal then she should take the good with the bad. And don’t get me started with putting the hands on a man. Ladies, it’s simple: If you want to play with fire you have to expect a burn here and there. Now under no circumstances am I suggesting a man go Manny Pacquaio on a woman… but if she throws blows at him, he has every right to defend himself. Period.  [“You goin’ na’ jail nah”!]


Title Update 01/15/2019, Originally entitled, “21 Questions: You can go Through This Door, but HE Can’t? Double Standards in Society”

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  • onetraeh

    idk where you’re living @ that women call u ugly or u tell women that step to u that they’re visually unappealing lol but that’s just really awful.I would probably cry if a man said that which is maybe why it’s not as acceptable?I’m not sure but I’ve noticed they don’t like when u cry in public.or periodly really.I don’t think it’s right for anybody to lay down & die while they’re still above ground which is what I consider some people to be doing.I personally know of women who are having multiple babies for the checks every month & it’s sad & a tragedy but @ the same time u have to look @ the way they were raised & why they’re lacking in the family values that dictates u should have a present father for your children.I’m willing to bet that they themselves didn’t have one & that’s all the mens fault!ok jk but really what I think is missing in todays society is a compassion for all including our men & nobody cares to look deeper than the surface for a little understanding.also what people are doing is letting their bad experiences dictate their lives & let their mind turn bitter.if you’ve had a bad time then stop the cycle!& don’t project it onto others it’s really a dangerous downward spiral
    p.s. I’ve never raised a hand to my dude but if I threw something & it hit him in the face well that was an accident
    p.p.s. the cycle I’m speaking of also includes some witch that told u you’re ugly so then u in turn tell females they’re ugly to their face (I hope that this was just a hypothetical example)

  • redpilloutlaw

    Women are absolutely vilified, it seriously depends on what angle you’re looking from and who the coherts her. Also, lots of men call women ugly, loads of em.’ The rap game for instance, and everyone in it (for the most part) have a very specific type they think is cute…everyone else is easily called ugly, fugly, etc., Hahaha. “Meat missile?” Haha, I gotta use that one.
    However, I will say in society there is some double standard because of who society wants men to be, and honestly many men embrace it. But yes, it’s probably not too flexible in many places, just like there are quite a few ways things are inflexible for women.
    Anyway some of what you speak of are generalities, it sincerely depends on who you are around. Half my family is men and none of them “fix,” stuff and no one is bent about it, neither are their wives, they just call the plumber or whatever so, these situations don’t apply to all men or all women. Has alot to do with class, age, environment, upbringing and present values of the folks you experience this within.
    No woman I know hits, nor any man….I know. But through the grapevine I may know…one.

  • shortymnp

    Double standards go both ways. For example, women who state their opinions without hesitation are considered b***ches. As long as there are men and women, there will always be double standards. Some good, some bad. We as women will have to learn to be respectful of our partners and vice versa. Lastly, I will admit I have said rude things about men, but never to their faces, always amongst my girlfriends.

    • Cortonio

      i feel men get it the worst however. Think of this, if a man is caught stepping out on his woman or if the woman finds a number in his phone, she is within every right to call the woman? right? but if a man did it (called the guy) he’s considered weak and a punk. A woman is protecting her territory whereas a man isn’t? Women get the better side of the stick when it comes to double standards.

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