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Women’s Fashions That Turn Men Off

“What is she wearing?” “She really came out wearing that?” “Where did she get that?” If these questions have floated around in your head, what she had on was definitely a turn off to you I’m sure. Now I’m no guru on what women should wear or what goes with what. Don’t get it twisted  however, I know what I like to see women wearing and these 10 things are not it. I’m sure most of you can agree, so here goes.

1. UGGS that lean

Uggs Women Fashion - OpinionatedmaleblogNow, I’m not a fan of UGGS in the first place. For one they are ugly. Two they are ugly, and three,… they are ugly.  I’ve seen people wearing them at anytime throughout the year: rain, snow, or shine.  If I’m not mistaken, aren’t they made of suede? Why wear them in the summer?

Yes, I have seen women wear them, and again, isn’t it…summer? The weather ranges from warm to hot in the summer right?

I’ve seen beautiful women with the nicest outfits wearing Uggs. Well, it didn’t do it for me and it totally offset what they had on. So imagine a pair that have been so worn down they start to lean. No bueno. Not a good look at all. It looks like you have deformed feet. Would it be so hard to just toss them and get a new pair?

2. Fake nails

Nails, especially when you look closely and SEE that they are fake because they haven’t been “pressed” on the right way. Anything on a woman that’s fake to me is a turnoff anyway. I guess fake boobies can get a pass as long as the woman is proportioned right. Right?

Okay before I go on a tangent about that I will stop. Speaking of fake, this brings me to….

3. Fake hair

Weave, wigs, extensions, you name it. If you have short hair, it’s all good. Rock that -ish proudly. Zhane pulled it off.  Jada Pinkett,  Demi Moore, and Halle Berry just to name a few. They pulled it off, so can you.

If your hair isn’t done right then go get it done. Why would you go and get a wig – especially one that isn’t mounted right or looks painfully obvious that it’s a wig? At the end of it all, I believe in au’ naturale. It accentuates a woman’s beauty. With that being said, if you let it grow out into an afro that’s cool too.

3. Thongs

I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t all men love thongs”? Well to answer that, yes we do.

There’s only one small stipulation if you will: You have to have a booty. It’s imperative you have a nice apple bottom if you’re going to wear a thong. Onions, bubbles, you name it , you have to have it. You cannot wear a thong with a pancake. Sorry.

On another note, you don’t have to wear thongs with everything. If you have a summer dress, skirt, spandex, and you don’t want to have your panty line exposed that’s cool. However, you don’t have to wear it with every pair of pants or shorts you own though.

4. Gladiator sandals

You ever seen pictures of old gladiators jousting in the medieval times? Ever notice the sandals they have on?
Well women wear those today and they just…don’t…look..right. Even if your feet are done fresh, they still don’t.

6. Jeggings

There should be no hybrid of this dress apparel. You either are wearing jeans or leggings. And LiL’ Wayne had the absolute nerve to wear a pair of jeggings during the MTV music awards in 2011.

7. Drawn on eye brows

Ladies, if you have eye brows and they need to be done, don’t take the lazy route and shave them off just to turn around and draw on a pair. C’mon with all of that.

Me personally, I’d rather see a woman with a uni-brow than a penciled in one. They are very tacky to begin with and what if you mess up drawing them on,….what are you going to do, erase it and start all over? Please….

8. Clothes that are too loose/ tight

Pants that show a muffin top, shirts that show back rolls, stuffing your body into a size 10-12 knowing full well you’re a 16, etc. You know the deal. It’s simple: If you’re a big girl it’s cool, just buy stuff that fits and fits you nicely. For the smaller women, buy your size. If you have to buy a kids size, well it is what it is.

9. Low waist jeans

Thongs and jeans - fashion- women-opinionatedmaleblogMen, we all like nice apples on women (I know, I know I mentioned it earlier) but showing butt cracks isn’t cute.  I understand if you bend over and a little bit of  it shows, then I guess stuff happens.  But seeing it with your pants pulled up all the way is just not attractive. Simply put, just don’t buy them in the first place.

10. Inappropriate dress apparel for an event

Wearing booty cutter shorts and tight shirts to a kids birthday party. Wearing short skirts or see-through dresses at church or a funeral, or women who show too much cleavage for no apparent reason. I could go on and on. The bottom line is, you have to know when and how to dress the part.

Many women go places and they -as the kids say nowadays say- “force it”. This is emphasized for older women. No problem with you dressing nice and having sex appeal, but not smut appeal. You shouldn’t be 45 dressing like you’re 18.

So there is my list. I’m sure gents and ladies who are reading this can come up with some of your own. The floor is yours, oh yeah and stay tuned for Men’s Fashions That Turn Women Off.


My motto is, "Live, love and laugh". Check me out in the "Men Behind The Pen" section on OpinionatedMale.com.


  • movss

    I hate Uggs too, but I get why some women wear them. However, I agree with everything else…especially the thongs. What about the slim women who wear jeans that are one or two sizes too small and end up with the dreaded muffin-top? Hate that!

    • Cortonio

      movss I haven’t seen slim women with a muffin top, maybe I should pay more attention. LoL. Thanks for the feedback and welcome to OM.

    • Cortonio

      Movss I haven’t seen that before, maybe I should pay attention, but wearing smaller sizes is definitely a no-no. Welcome to OM and thanks for the feedback

  • bernasvibe

    Not just men who hate those fashion no-no’s..Women with good taste do also. Sadly, far too many young girls/even grown women! these days; weren’t taught simple fashion etiquette. Simply said one can be classy AND sexy. I hate seeing all of the above. But the worst of the worst? Showing a thong! I don’t care if you’re fine as heck(cause I for one love thongs and I’m fit as a fiddle..) ; but I’d never let any part of it show. Though I’m not so sure my brothers wouldn’t mind if I did..And last but not least if uggs were the only shoes left on the planet? Even in knee deep snow I’d go barefooted! And I never, ever walk barefooted outside..so thats how deep a hatred I feel about uggs. Even on a good day I think they’re ugly. Mayhaps thats why they’re called UGGly

    • Mr SoBo

      Perhaps its because I am male why I never saw the appeal behind UGGS. Probably the most unflattering footwear I have ever seen. To each her own however.

    • Cortonio

      I totally agree with you, they literally just came out of nowhere. I never even heard of UGGS until maybe 3 years ago, never saw them before or anything. It just irks me to see women wear them loooooonnnggg after their usefulness has run out.

      • bernasvibe

        But, the real question is….What is the usefulness of UGGS? Lollll. To look ugly? To get wet in the snow or rain & then mildew and smell funky? To continue to look uglier and filthy dirty!(I mean they don’t even have a sole do they? Isn’t it like walking outside with socks on?? Yuck!) Such is life though; folks can wear what they want & we’re stuck having to look at it! My question is..How come folks can wear whatever they want? And yet folks that want to wear nothing at all can be arrested! Something just isn’t right about that..shouldn’t it be the opposite? Why can’t one also be free to wear what they were born wearing? Yep, inquiring minds would like to know..and I’m first in line

  • Professor JT

    Hilarious List Bro! You know some women can’t LIVE without that Fake Hair though! On that tip, some Women really need to LEAVE IT IN to save us all from that Smokie/Craig Face! “D***********N! LOL!
    Check me out! God Bless – Professor JT

    • Cortonio

      thanks fam, It’s funny I literally got a mental picture of that “smokey and craig face” and started laughing. I’ll definitely check out your site. Welcome to OM, we got a lot of good stuff on here too check it out and tell a friend to tell a friend.

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