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Men’s Fashions That Turn Women Off

Fellas/Gents if you will, we’ve all been there. We at one time or another have worn stuff that may have cost us a chance at a female. I’m sure we were even offenders with the fashion police, or we had our own “wanted” posters up.  Ladies this is for you. You ever see a dude and say to yourself , “He’s cute, but why is he wearing that?! That brotha can’t dress”.  Or maybe you have seen a dude while out with your girls and had a good laugh at his expense.

Fellas if you’re the butt of jokes because of your outfit(s) or had weird blank stares when you walk into a room, then maybe it’s time for a switch. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not all for materialistic things but at the same time take heed and be meticulous with your apparel. So with that being said, lets take a look into this list and see if you have a warrant for your arrest.

Saggin’ your pants

Saggy Pants Fashion - OpinionatedMaleblogNow if you’re under the age of 21 this may get a pass as far as the females go. *Ladies if you’re 21 and under reading this let me know what your opinion is*. I’m sure this style has become trendy (only God knows why), but it’s not a good look on all levels. Forget about the fact that it may or may not have come from the jail culture. The fact of the matter is, it’s just so….wrong.  Ponder on these for a second:

1)  What if you’re in a situation where you have to run or defend yourself, how are you going to do those things having to constantly pull your pants up? If you find yourself engaging in fisticuffs while your reaching to pull your pants up guess what? You just caught a two piece and probably lost.

2)  I firmly believe the young brothers out here really don’t pay attention to the underwear they put on. Imagine if you had a hole, poop stain/skid mark, rip, or whatever, people can see it. How do you explain it, especially if you’re out for the day and not going home anytime soon? Yikes!

3)  I think the worst of these is the fact that boys –yes because real men pull their pants up– but boys buy pants that are literally 3, 4 sizes too small in length so they can sag on purpose.  *I did hear that they instituted a law on banning the saggy pants*  You’ll have an 18-year-old buy kid sizes so the waist is up to his thighs. You would have to see it to know what I’m talking about.  I would hate to walk around a college campus these days.

Wearing Sunglasses in a low lit room

This is just retarded, but men have been known to do these asinine things.  So you’re in a club/lounge the lights are dim and you’re walking around in sunglasses?!
C’mon son!

Wearing too much cologne or wearing cheap cologne

Bathing in cologne is always a turn off simply because it takes the once sweet-smelling scent and makes it too strong, thus not wanting to have people near you. As far as the cheap cologne goes (not knocking those who do), but Avon , Stetson, and Old Spice cologne just doesn’t cut it these days. For the most part I feel in this day in age that can be a huge turn off, especially if you’re trying to impress a woman wearing the same cologne that her dad wore 25+ years ago.

For those who are not in the know: Dolce Gabana, Burberry, Iceberg, Blvgari, Jean Paul Gautier, just to name a few, are usually the safe ones to go with and not too expensive depending on where you go. Another popular one while an oldie is still a goodie, is Curve for Men, I recommend Curve Crush.

A pony tail or dreads with a bald spot

Gents, if you’re experiencing the pain of male pattern baldness, you just have to let it go. While you don’t necessarily have to shave your entire head just simply get yourself a “1” or a “2” and let it go from there.

Rocking a pony tail or dreads with the “island” in the middle just doesn’t look right. If you are thinning in the middle but have enough hair to still pull it off, then no need to run for the clippers-yet, unless you want to.  If you have the letter “O” in your head though, then let it go man. Let it go.

Too many colors on an outfit
“I don’t care, I KNOW I look good”

You don’t want to look like a rainbow threw up on you. Just keep it simple. Have some color coordination without going crazy. The average outfit shouldn’t have more than 3-4 colors unless you have a plaid shirt. While wearing the plaid shirt, make sure you have a solid pair of pants and shoes.

Funny thing is that these days people could care less with what they have on. However, if you’re going for a night on the town with the guys or by yourself make sure your apparel is in order.

Oh yeah for shi**s and giggles, take a look at Kevin Garnett’s mini roast of Craig Sager.  I understand it is television and entertainment but you DO NOT want to be subjected to this.

Dressing out of date

I’m sure we all like the retro look which is cool on some fronts but as a whole, it’s tacky and will not get you very far with the ladies.  Wearing jeans with designs on them or the name brand all over them; wearing velour sweat suits; FuBu jerseys (while I feel they’re out of style I do commend them for being a black owned franchise and were one of the most popular brand names in the late 90’s), socks with sandals, Hawaiian or floral shirts, etc., Need I say more?

Let the past be. The past should be good for reminiscing on good times, not dressing like you’re from “Good Times

Bling! Bling! Too much jewelry

2009 CMT Music Awards - OpinionatedMale.comIf you’re out on the town and want to snazzy it up a little, then jewelry is always good with an outfit or a nice suit. A chain here, a bracelet there, a nice watch there, maybe even a ring (outside of your wedding one if you’re married). If you have on multiple chains, a bracelet, and rings on every other finger it doesn’t scream “I’m rich bit**”! It screams “I want attention in the worst way, can you come talk to me”.

I don’t care if you’re rich or not, too much jewelry doesn’t accessorize your outfit. Furthermore, you want the lady to be impressed by YOU, not the fact your “wrist is frozen cuz you got on so much ice”.

Wrong Outfit, Wrong time

You’re at a cookout lounging throwing back a few. Maybe doing up some spades and you have on some jeans and a throwback jersey, no problem.  You’re on a date (a first one at that), and you’re with the same jeans and a throwback jersey. That’s a problem.

So with that being said, those are just some of your fashion offenders on men. Ladies feel free to add some. Fellas, if you have any advice to those who are on the run from the fashion police, I implore you to speak your mind.


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    • Cortonio

      Welcome to OM and I’m glad you have. I guess just like the ladies, the fellas come out the house not having a clue as to what they have on, or caring for that matter.

  • *Yoles*

    just brought back sad memories… met a dude, liked him, he was cool, laid back, very handsome and not too pressed for the number… 1st date he wore a dallas cowboys jersey WITH matching cap that had some kind of tag still hanging off of it… i spent the entire night taking turns between staring at his mouth (i never said he wasn’t sexy) and giving the questioning look to his outfit…

  • bernasvibe

    You’ve just about covered the list of dress no-no’s for guys..The good news? Is when a “together” hot guy dresses the part; it is a sight to behold. And they do still exist; thankfully! Note for guys: Women are visual creatures also..

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