Trials And Tribulations of A Down And Out Brother

Man Stressed

Everyday I wake up and feel so stressed

Because I know today is going to be another huge mess
Perhaps I should end it all and put myself to rest
Perhaps an overdoes of pills or maybe a bullet to the chest
I pray to God everyday hoping and waiting to be blessed
I used to have a nice ride but that’s been repossessed
On a daily basis my hair resembles a bird’s nest
I only have one pair of shoes, I must confess

I have lots of bills outstanding, but no money to pay them
I can’t buy jewelry or fancy cars, all I can do is say them
The mice are my neighbors the roaches are my brothers
Every penny I make goes to my babies mothers
Last night I had a dream of Gucci, Prata, and Fendi
Two of my kids are coming tomorrow and I can’t even take them to Wendy’s

My Bed consists of nothing but a pillow and two sheets
I sleep in my winter coat because I no longer have heat
Oh yes I didn’t tell you… yeah that was cut off too
I couldn’t pay that because my backed up rent was due

I work two jobs and I barely see the money
When I tell people my story they laugh because they think it’s funny
I don’t know why I keep on keepin’ on
I’ll give anything for a bed instead of what I’m sleepin on

On my lunch breaks all I consume is water
I’m living a hard knock life, forget about Shawn Carter
But I can’t leave this world and not see my kids grow up
I just ate last weeks chicken, excuse me while I go throw up

Well thanks anyway for listening, although all I did was complain
Hopefully some sun will peek out through all this gosh darned rain



“…Smart Men Rock”

2 thoughts on “Trials And Tribulations of A Down And Out Brother

  1. Wow!! First off I would just like to say I stumbled onto a post from OM last week and I’ve been hooked ever since!! The range of topics effecting not only relations between men and women, but deep issues such as this is refreshing. When I say refreshing I mean reading something real and from the heart. It’s so hard to find that anymore!!


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