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Is the Man Responsible if a Woman gets too Attached?

Cortonio recently guest blogged on So with no further delay, enjoy!

Lets take a look at this scenario: You have Kelli, she works as a nurse at a hospital.  She has had her share of hiccups in relationships.  She has pretty much given up on the notion of getting with someone and getting involved in a serious relationship.  Then on the other hand, you have Derek he also works at the same hospital as part of the maintenance crew.  He is recently divorced with a child.

Kelli comes to work and she sits in the lobby by the front entrance enjoying her green tea with lemon and a splash of honey. Derek comes by the lobby everyday on his lunch break and sees Kelli on her break.  As they catch eye contact he nods and says “Good Afternoon.”  She says, “Hello” with some trepidation as she does not want to let off that she is remotely interested in anyone much less him.  As the days go by passing in the lobby, Derek decides to start a conversation.

“Hello, how are you?”  

Kelli, not expecting more than a head nod from him looks up:“Hi I am fine, and yourself?”

“I’m good. I’m Derek by the way and not on some creep life stuff but I couldn’t help but notice I see you here on my way to lunch; which department do you work?” 

“So you want to know what department I work but not my name?…Hmmm interesting”, she says…. [click to continue reading at Cupids Planner]



01/15/19 post title update. Originally titled, “Should a man be Responsible for Leading a Woman on, or Should a Woman be in Control of her Emotions?”

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  • Finally

    Who’s responsible for his emotions, that lead to flirting instead of just being direct, but friendly? Don’t drink the kool-aid that women are the ones lead primarily by emotions. If you don’t know who you are, and what your core true intentions are, figure that out first. Then you’ll know how to approach someone in a way that’s much more likely to be successful at keeping everyone’s emotions positive, most importantly, hers and yours.

    • Cortonio

      Both parties can and should be held accountable and sometimes it’s easy to misinterpret a simple act of kindness or a conversation. I do feel though that after a few conversations especially where exchanging numbers are concerned things should be put on the table that way no emotions are being mixed up or played with

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