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Questions all Women Want Men to Answer (Pt 3) | IYNTKJA

Welcome to the third installment of “Ladies, If You Need To Know Just Ask”. I previously did a part 1 (11 Awkward Questions Women ask Guys)  and part 2 (10 Relationship Questions Women ask Men) , so check those out for your reading pleasure.  Anyway, I was recently approached with some more questions presented to me from the fairer sex. I’m sure some, if not all of these questions may relate to many of you; or maybe a few of you readers were simply just as curious for answers yourself. Several of these questions I found rather thought provoking, and some others not so much. Either way, here goes this weeks list of questions women ask men.

1. Are you intimidated if we make more money than you?

The answer to this is that it depends on a few things: How much more is it; your respective professions; and his ego  just to name a few. If it’s a substantial amount more, some men do feel intimidated. See, a lot of men have fragile egos and don’t want to feel subservient or inferior to a woman in any way shape or form. I always tell men that if you are in a relationship and she makes a greater amount, all you have to do is be smart with your money and make it appear more even though it isn’t.  Do the simple things such as spend wisely, save, and as I mentioned in a previous article stay in your financial lane. At the end of it all,  regardless of anything, you as a man should have confidence no matter what. Women love men with confidence, not arrogance… confidence.

So if you make less than she does, don’t sweat it as long as it’s enough to maintain your lifestyle. And ladies if you’re in a relationship with a man who makes less than yourself, do not wash your man’s face with the fact your check has commas and his has decimals. It’s a pretty low thing to do and not cool. And if you feel the need to do so, go and find someone who’s salary is comparable to yours, or get a pet.

2. What’s one thing you wish we did in bed?

Well, it depends on the guy and if it’s just you and him (some men may want threesome’s, orgy’s etc.,). You have men that are simple and only desire some good fellatio at times (yes there are those women who for some reason or another don’t believe in fellatio). Then you have the more complex men who want fellatio while deploring a few soldiers into your mouth for duty (I’m aware there are women who are grossed out by the mere thought of this), or other men who may even want some anal intercourse.  Then you have those brothas, THOSE brothas who are just downright nasty unconventional. Their wants could be anything from golden showers, rusty trombones, tossed salad’s, you name it they want it. This isn’t a article for sexual nicknames so if you want to know what these ‘deeds’ actually are, just google them.

3.  Why are long-term relationships viewed as the end of fun?

Think of it like this from a guy’s perspective: You meet a woman, you engage in introductory conversation–not too much where you tell all but enough as a meet and greet. You exchange phone numbers and it’s on. For the first few weeks or months you have ‘text-versations’ (I should patent that term), regular phone conversations that last all hours of the night (what my homies and I back in the day referred too as ‘making love on the phone’). You get butterflies when she calls, you check your voice mails or missed calls hoping one of them was from her. I bet the two of you even do cute stuff like call to say goodnight, or she’ll call to hear your voice.

You then start going out on dates regardless of where, but obviously it’s your intention to impress her. You go through 3 or 4 different outfits until you find the right one for that one outing and you experience that fun nervousness. And the real fun starts as you two become intimate (this obviously hinges on her). While you are going through this, you’re truly having fun with no real strings attached. But one day it hits her and she starts asking presumptuous questions foreshadowing to the dreaded ‘R’ word. Some men actually don’t mind this, but of course there are others who fret because they know their freedom will perhaps become abated.

In addition to that, the newness and novelty has worn off and things aren’t exactly the same. The sex tapers off, and now you have expectations whereas before everything was free flowing. Yes I did go off on a tangent, but hey, this happens with couples. We as men sometimes don’t like change and become flustered when we aren’t in control of these situations. It’s simply a matter of communication,  being on the same page with one other and hopefully everything should work out fine.

So ladies, if you do come across that guy who’s not ready for a commitment after a long courtship, then maybe you have to cut your losses and don’t waste your time any further.

4. Why do men go ‘ghost’ without warning?

We just don’t want to hurt your feelings. Be honest ladies, you are guilty of the same transgression. I’m sure, no I guarantee that you have dated a guy and for whatever reason he wasn’t your type and you simply stopped communicating with him on all levels. And if it was a hook up through a mutual friend, she had to be the one to break the news to the poor unsuspecting guy, not you.

Any who, maybe we don’t want to date all like that. Instead we just want to be physical and don’t say so because we don’t want to come off as horny, lusting, carnal, rabid, animals who just wants to f**k. It is what it is. Or in other cases we do the same as you gals…You know, we weren’t into you anymore and just figured it’s easier to avoid you and sooner or later (hopefully sooner) you’ll get the hint. I don’t condone this behavior but I have been guilty of it myself.

5. What does it feel like when you fall in love?

It’s a great feeling. One that also happens include some of the behaviors I discussed in #3. When you are in love with someone anything they do can be very very good or very very bad, even the simplest stuff. Being in love can make us go through all types of motions.

6. Have you ever slept with a prostitute?

Me… No and don’t plan on it.  However there are some men out there who if given the chance to step out on their woman would rather pay for it. By embarking on this sort of behavior there are no feelings involved, no numbers, texts, no real paper trails to speak of. You are pretty much paying for them to leave. It can be an online type of thing or outright getting a prostitute off the streets or from that one apartment in the projects. I hope that answers that.

7. What’s your obsession with video games?

As men, there is a big percentage of us that are kids at heart. Some of us like wrestling as fake as it is. It’s a guilty pleasure. And there are those among  us who’ll damn near orgasm at the sight of  some “Madden”, “2K”, or “Grand Theft Auto”. Hey it is what it is and it’s hard for us to let go. Those who have outgrown it over the years, put a good game in front of us and watch us get lost.

Okay readers there you have it for my third rendition. And ladies, please chime in with some questions that y’all are curious to find out about us men but for one reason or another just didn’t ask. And thanks for your continued support and readership of OM.

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Title update on 01/15/19. Post Originally entitled, “What If I Make More Money Than Him? Why Do Men Suddenly Ditch Us? If You Need To Know Just Ask (Pt 3)”

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  • Lisa

    #1. I have a question about this. Why do men when they just getting to know you try to find out in a roundabout way how much you make, your assets?
    I have had this happen to me on several times.
    I’m not good enough to date when I make 50k but when I am making 100k, now I am good enough? Guess I feel like some guys feel lol.
    #4. I am guilty of: The men I disappear on have over-worn their welcome and didn’t deserve a goodbye, or explanation. I actually have told other guys I am not interested anymore in then in a nicer way just because they were nice guys.

    • Cortonio

      Lisa, you just dealing with some dudes who want to date a woman who make money as a status thing. You know the “yo this chick I got makes ‘X’ amount of money”…”Yo this shorty I got….” I’m sure you catch my drift. And as far as #4 yes we are all guilty of it. I have a question though: Would you do the same to a guy depending on his socioeconomic status?

      • Lisa

        That’s horrible lol. I wish I didn’t attract those kinds of guys.
        To answer your question, like if a guy was wealthy?
        To answer your question, like if a guy was well off, would I tell him I wasn’t interested or just disappear?
        Yes, I have done it before. I was supposed to go out with a guy but after evaluating how he acted that night (which I always assume is a man’s best behavior because they are trying to make the best impression) I decided I wasn’t interested. And just stopped communication. I can’t lie it was tempting to just go out with him to go to nice restaurants and more expensive places. But ultimately, it wasn’t worth it.

  • Justine

    You and all and any “man” who simply stops talking to a woman because he supposedly doesn’t want to hurt her is a weak ass little pussy bitch. You all do it that’s why all men are weak. Speak up or go get some FDS for your vagina bc your shit stinks.
    Thank you.

    • Cortonio

      First off, welcome to OM
      Not necessarily because some men just don’t want to hurt the woman’s feelings, and the same goes for a woman to the man. To be honest some men figure if i leave her alone or stop returning her calls she’ll fade away. Not condoning it, but it happens.

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