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Lifestyles of the ‘Hood and Infamous | Poem

Violence, drugs, dilapidated conditions, a sense of weird harmony among peers, liquor stores, all placed in the ghetto. There are teens plagued with this problem on a daily basis, yet many people fail to understand why they are the way they are. Folks often judge and talk about how easy it is to get out. For some it’s a mute possibility. For others it’s more daunting and eventually they may succumb to this cut throat life style. Readers, let’s venture on a journey of a 16 year old who deals with this everyday. Enjoy.


Walk a mile in my shoes…

and this is what you’ll see

A barrel of a .357 pointing at me
Damn not again! I wish I didn’t have to pay this fee
Either that or a one way trip to the cemetery
Two cats over on the stoop about to roll up their tree
Girl gettin’ her hair braided on the steps by her cousin ‘Ree

Walk a mile in my shoes and this is what you’ll hear
My brother walking out and mom saying “Please, don’t go dear”!
My other one digging out this chick in his room while smacking her rear
Deafening gun shots and tires screeching so dangerously near
People acting nonchalant and others yelling gripped with nothing but fear
This is what my life’s about man, it’s so crystal clear

Walk a mile in my shoes and this is what you’ll think
Is pops gonna hit moms after one too many a drink?
Will another life perish before my eyes can even blink?
Is his only solace from all this a nearby skating rink?

Walk a mile in my shoes and this is what you’ll smell
Humidity and stickiness in the air as temperatures swell
Another night of grilled cheese for dinner…oh well
Urine in the hallways and on the stairs, it’s the projects can’t you tell?

Walk a mile in my shoes and this is what you’ll feel
These three dudes in the corner store, they’re about to steal
Let me bounce up out of here before they start  keeping it real
Hoodied and masked up, sh*t I know what’s the deal

Do you still want me to keep walking until we get to the top?
I won’t blame you though if you feel the need to stop
‘Cuz I can tell you stories for days on end
I haven’t broke yet, but fam I’m starting to bend
I’m out…

Peace and love as always


Poem Title: ‘The Hood: Don’t Talk Until You’ve Been There. Come Take A Walk With Me’


01/15/19 Post title updated. Original title, “Lifestyles of the “Hood and Infamous: A Day in the Life of…”

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  • Soulflower

    Love your poetry!
    I live in the hood, specifically in the house I grew up in. In my youth this was a nice middle class black neighborhood, but with integration and the proliferation of drugs it really took a turn for the worse. I moved back home 17 years ago, and there has been a significant effort toward revitalization as many of my generation have moved back into their parents’ homes and we are fixing them back up. But the new generation of “Section Eight” renters that have moved into the area have definitely brought with them the crime, destruction of property and bada– bebe’s kids and others who come in my yard and still my mangoes and avocadoes.. I still love it because it is my home, but I do wish I could build and iron fence around me. I can’t IMAGINE trying to raise a child in this environment, and if I had a male child I would move out of Florida altogether.

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