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A day in the Life of a Disgruntled Teacher | Poem

I’m observing a class…

…where Ms. Johnson is losing control
These kids never seem to do what they’re told
Even the studious ones have suddenly turned cold
For real though, they’re just being a bunch of a$$holes

The few good students in the front had soon grew fear
That the chances of them being picked on was looming dangerously near
One butch-looking girl outright refused to do her work
But she took the assignment paper anyway accompanied by a sly smirk

So Ms Johnson glared at her and snapped, “Okay, let’s get on with it!”
This heifer defiantly replied: “I ain’t doin’ this sh*t!”
With that, she got up and snatched up her North Face fleece
Sauntering towards the door she threw two fingers up in the air and said: “Peace”

This other dude Ramon looked up, not yet recovered from his high
He reeked of marijuana and we won’t talk about his eyes
The teacher pleaded with him to stay up because he’d been sleeping the whole class
Ramon snarled, gave her the finger, and responded: “Bi**h kiss my a$$!”

Poor Ms Johnson, she looked helpless but tried to get on as best as she can
But that’s when the big pile of turds finally hit the fan
Victor, another incorrigible student got out of his chair and said, “Yo! I’m off this”
Ms Johnson sighed and said to herself, “I’m gonna have to stop this”

Soon all the students became unruly and were acting like this was one big party
I wasn’t going to say anything, shoot I don’t wanna bother nobody
So they carried on and on and on having nothing but jokes and fun

But that all stopped when Ms Johnson walked in back in the class with her gun
She pointed the barrel at all of them even her very own son
And threatened if they don’t behave she’ll shoot them one by one
I became so petrified all I said to myself was: “You better get up out of here and run”
But I couldn’t move out my desk for my feet felt like they weighed a ton

“Oh my damn” I thought this ain’t gonna be a good look
Every single one of the fcukers stopped short and all stood shook
Ms Johnson- gun in hand- had a deranged smile as she stood in front of all of us in a trance
I even saw one student lose control of his bodily functions all in his pants

The classroom still frozen and you could hear a deafening silence
This woman towered over all of us actually threatening violence
She bellowed: “I want yall to shut the fcuk up while I’m teaching and listen”!
“Or else this ‘friend of mine’ will momentarily start pissin”!

Ramon snapped to attention as his high wore off very quickly
Victor frozen in time just stood there looking pale and sickly
Everyone including me suddenly grabbed their pencils and started their assignment
The class became straighter than a vehicle after an alignment

From that day forth they behaved like they were the sons of Christ
And Ms Johnson went back to her old self , being pleasantly nice
But that day was something as they all could have been dead
Man, teaching a class is a profession I may soon dread

I couldn’t imagine bringing a gun to force them to use their heads
Imagine the sight of your students ducking from hot lead
That’s my story for the day, I hope you enjoyed everything I said
Excuse me now while I go in my room and get ready for bed


Poem title: Breaking Bad: A Day In The Life Of A Disgruntled Teacher


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