11 Things Every Man Should Have In His Home

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So here you are. You’ve finally moved out of your folks home and got yourself a new pad. No more rules, curfews, answering to anyone (maybe the land lord). You don’t have to share anything, worry about where your things are or who has borrowed them. Nothing.

While we are all somewhat dependent on the hackneyed idea of a house-warming, there should be things that you already should own or look into purchasing. So why not start with…

1. Iron

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This gadget has saved me many a time before going out. While sticking your pants under your mattress to flatten it out won’t do, you may also not have time to put them in the dryer on permanent press.  Maybe you don’t even have access to a dryer. All you do is plug this baby in, set it on the right fabric of your garment, add some water, and off you go. There’s nothing worse than going out and seeing the dreaded ‘hanger crease’ in the middle of your pant leg.

Irons are usually cheap (you can get a good one for well under 50.00). And they always come in handy. Bottom line, you need this sucker at all times. Oh yeah, and make sure you KNOW how to iron. Please and Thank you.

2. Gun

I don’t condone violence but I feel every man should at least have one in the home, registered and all. You never know what may happen in the moment someone breaks in and you need to protect yourself.  I’m sorry but alarms don’t always work and neither do animals. While I don’t recommend you carrying one on your person unless you’re a law enforcement officer, keeping it in your home is a must. It should be easily accessible to you and YOU only.

3. Stocked refrigerator

I know as many men indulge in bachelorhood your bed may not be empty, your pockets probably aren’t, and your fridge shouldn’t be. You never know when you’ll be entertaining company, especially the opposite sex. You should be able to provide more than just water to drink. In doing this you’re punching your ticket to having her come over again. And while you’re at it, make sure you have snacks on deck. And just the mere notion of having something especially for yourself will keep you from being tempted to run out.

4. Fully stocked Bar–whether it’s makeshift or legit

The_Inebriator Wet Bar - OpinionatedMale.com

There’s always going to be a time where people come over, especially the ladies and they may want to sip on something. Whether or not you’re a drinker you should always keep some wine and some liquor on deck. Cognac, some nice vodka, and smooth whiskey are always a plus. And when it comes to wine explore and ask questions before you buy(unless you’re quite the expert). Quite frankly not any rag-tag bottle will suffice which leads to also having a…

5. Corkscrew and Bottle opener

Pretty obvious isn’t it? Me personally, I don’t like seeing people crack open brews with their teeth anyway.

6. Area for guests only

man-cave-tv - OpinionatedMale.com
Image courtesy of lucesdeleste.files.wordpress.com

This could be a living room, or the proverbial man-cave. Although exceptions are rare, but in no way shape or form are people allowed in your bedroom unless it’s your woman or said woman for the evening. It should be a comfortable set up with enough seating for people and a table or two for drinks. Speaking of drinks, depending on how much you care about your furniture, I recommend drink coasters.

A stereo, TV, movies, and even a video game console are always a plus.

7. Full length Mirror

When you’re stepping out for the day or evening wouldn’t you want to do some last-minute inspecting of your duds to make sure you are looking the part?

8. Fire proof Safe

Personal Safe - OpinionatedMale.com

If you’re not the type to be organized or don’t want any documents lying around this is for you. You can keep everything in there: insurance papers, title for your vehicle, passport, extra spare cash, etc. And should the unexpected occur you know your valuables are safe. And as a side note: No one should know where it’s located unless it’s a person you trust with your life (in which case this is) because plain and simple, you can’t be too trusting with people.

9. Workout equipment

I know gym memberships can be costly so why not improvise. There have been many exercise gadgets sold on TV that you can utilize. If you have the space you can even put together a pull up bar. Get some weights as well. Nothing wrong with working out a 20-30 minute sweat before you go out.

10. Necessary china

Even though you’re a bachelor, it doesn’t mean you have to push the issue. I’m one to be conscientious on the water bill myself so no shame in paper plates and plastic cutlery. However, you should have a copious amount of dishes, plates, pots, pans, and silverware in case you find yourself entertaining company of a different variety.

11. A computer

Whether it’s a desk top or lap top it should be there. Yeah.. yeah.. yeah I know people can look up things in their phone but a computer is always a must.

So there’s my quick listing of things men should have in their homes. Any others to add? Is any one more important than the other? Talk to me….



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2 thoughts on “11 Things Every Man Should Have In His Home

    1. Welcome to OM. Well if you did that I guess your list would be down to 10 things then. And as far as #1 we’d be surprised at how many brothers don’t use irons….sad to say. haaa


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