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8 Ridiculously Lame and Tacky Things People Do (Pt II) | Doin’ the Most

Ladies and fellas, we previously explored a world in which people do things that make you go, “hmmmm” (Doin’ the Most: 11 Examples of Lame Shyt People Do). Well this is the follow up (part II). Again, we’re going to go with the Lame-O-Meter: 1 to 10. ’10’ being a total a**clown and ‘1’ being, “not a big deal, but you could have avoided it”.

1. Internet Thuggin’/Internet Beefs

Lame-O-Meter: 10
WHY:  The actual term itself gives it a 10. But listen, if you’re going to sit there on a computer in a chatroom and go toe to toe with someone keyboard-ically, especially if you’re the one that instigated it, you’re LAME! No if’s, and’s, but’s or maybe’s. If you wanna sit there and post inappropriate or antagonizing pictures and caption it with that person’s name and proceed to talk smack ….LAME. If you really have an issue with someone, settle it (wo)mano-a (wo)mano. No need for the keyboard tough guy or Hard drive He-man. Or better yet, don’t get into that nonsense on the frst place.

2. Getting a Girl Drunk to F**k

Katt-Williams - Opinionated Male

Lame-O-Meter: 9
WHY: I should give this a higher mark but I guess there are some understandable circumstances, i.e., like if a girl can’t handle her liquor, it’s not your fault right? Maybe you wanna loosen her up. I dunno. But hold up, what am I saying? This is wrong on all fronts! First, it shows your game is non existent. Like seriously, you can’t just be yourself and have a gift of gab? You can’t even just tell her what she wants to hear? Or if she wanted to get laid by you she would have.

Women know what they want and they know what’s physically appealing to them. Getting her drunk just to do ‘the nasty’ isn’t cool to begin with. First of all, she runs the risk of alcohol poisoning which down the line can become a severe health concern, and a drink here or there can have some backlash. Second and most importantly, one word in a nutshell: RAPE. You don’t under any circumstances wanna go there. Again, if she wants to, you shouldn’t have to get her inebriated to do so.

3. Constant Drinking &/or Smoking Wherever you Go

Drunk guy - lame things people do - opinionatedmale

Lame-O-Meter: 6
*Disclaimer: smoking meaning weed.
Why: We all like to sip here and there, some more than others. If you’re going out to a club, party, etc., and you wanna have a “pre game warm up”, nothing wrong with that. However, if you have to drink to go to the store, mall, or virtually anywhere for that matter, not only is that lame, but it’s also potential alcoholism on your part.  Smoking is worse to me. Mostly because of the smell it leaves and the red, glazed eyes. And the fact you HAVE to get high to go anywhere or be in a social setting, could be a case of serious social awkwardness on your part, and just plain LAME.

4. Claiming Taxes. Getting Good Scrilla. Blow it on Nonsense. Become Broke Within a Month

Lame-O-Meter: 7
WHY: Ok, so heres a scenario: “Maria” goes and does her taxes, claims her basketball roster of children and gets $10,000.00 back. She proceeds to go and buy a whole new furniture set, bedroom set, 50+ inch flat screen, and with the rest, parties and gets her nails, feet, and hair done TO party. One month later she’s broke, didn’t stock up on food (like a BJ’s or Costco), didn’t take care of her kids needs (not wants), and never bothered to save a penny. Need I say more.

5. Lying About why you Slept With a Guy

black-girls-talking - Opinionatedmale

Lame-O-Meter: 8
WHY: Ladies, I know some of you out there like to indulge and let your inhibitions run wild and that’s ok. Just be honest with yourself. In the long run you’ll have more self-resepct and respect from your peers. “I felt sorry for him” or “He kept nagging me”, doesn’t cut it (IMO). “I wanted him to like me” is a possibility, (unfortunately there are women who do it) but then you’ve compromised yourself which could mean you have self-esteem issues that you need to work out. You should never have sex with a guy to make him “like you”. Sorry ladies, that’s lame in itself.  And you leave yourself open to lots of unnecessary drama, or introduce yourself to friends named ghonorrhea, syphllis, etc. And with friends like them who needs enemies.

6. Take a Birthday, and Make it Into a Birthday Month

Lame-O-Meter: 7.5
WHY: A birthDAY is just that…a day. However, if it falls close to a weekend and you want to celebrate that weekend (especially if it’s a milestone birthday 18, 21, 50…) I understand. I’ve done it a couple times myself. But when you start spending out of control for a whole month, “because it’s my birthday month”, or when you  continuously call in sick to continue to celebrate “because it’s my birthday month”, or club every weekend including that Friday “because it’s my birthday month”, no bueno. Furthermore you’re not 7 you’re an adult.

7. Order an Already Cholesterol, Fatty, Calorie-laden Meal & Getting a Diet Beverage

Fast Food - Lame sh*t people do -OpinionatedMale

Lame-O-Meter: 4
WHY: You already ordered a double cheeseburger with an order of large fries and an apple pie to turn around and order a diet coke. Screw it, you might as well go for the gusto and order the Coke. That Diet Coke isn’t making your meal any healthier. If you want to order healthy(ier) get a hamburger (no cheese) small fries, no pie, and THEN the Diet Coke. Or better yet don’t order it at all.

8. Drop an SUV/Pimp Out a Hoopty

Lame-O-Meter: 6
WHY: Maybe I’m reaching here, but why would you DROP an SUV? If so be the case and you don’t want to sit up high, then buy a car. I can’t tell you how many Tahoes, Explorers, and Expeditions I’ve seen sitting almost the same height as a car. Ridiculous. As far as pimping out a hoopty, if your accessories (rims, tint, sound system, spoiler kit) cost more than the actual car itself, that’s a no bueno on all levels.

So, I now turn it over to you the readers. What are your thoughts on this list? What lame sh*t have you seen that you would like to add? Let me know.




Title Updated 01/15/19, Originally entitled, “Here we go Again: Lame Sh*t People Do (Part II)”

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