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The Subtle Ways a Man Shows he Adores You

“Her” – What is she? Who is she?

My partner in crime Mr. SoBo wrote a masterful piece on “Her – The One Your Parents Never Told you About” and how she can be that man’s kryptonite.  I’m sure plenty ladies sit and wonder to themselves: Was I ever Her? Will I ever be Her? Why haven’t I truly been someone’s Her?  Some women know what it’s like and some don’t. Whether or not it’s deservedly so isn’t really for me to say.

Now, not every man will do all these things mentioned below nor will it mean you are any less special to him if he doesn’t do these things. It truly depends on the man and his personality type.  Also, I’m not going into the obvious, i.e., he’s given you flowers/roses; you’ve met his parents; he opens the door for you, etc. None of that basic floating above the surface stuff. I’m going deep-sea diving here, so let’s go!

Morning breath

morning-breath - OpinionatedMale.comMorning breath is something we all have and it’s totally natural; although it doesn’t elicit the most savory fragrance.  Imagine you waking up to your man being able to pillow talk about random things while your breath is in his face and it doesn’t even matter to him in the least. If so be the case, then to me that’s true love.

People are very insecure of a lot of things and morning breath is one of them. You’ve seen the commercials advertising mouthwash featuring couples just waking up and having to rinse their mouths before a simple good morning kiss. A simple kiss? We’re talking about a peck, no tongue. Now imagine waking up and laying next to each other, gazing into one another’s eyes and simply talking whether it’s about nothing or something. And if he kisses you too,…well…all the better.

You must be truly something special if a man can not only tolerate, but accept any shortcomings you have.

Giving his last to you

The two of you are sharing a plate of whatever and he offers you the last piece. Now this may not sound like much but he’s thinking of you enough to make sure that you have had your fill before him. He’s simply putting you first. Whether it’s the last piece of chicken, last cup of water, or even his last dollar, it’s yours.

Bottom line is, if you are ‘HER‘ he’ll do whatever it takes to go out of his way to make you happy.

Does unconventional & spontaneous things

Has he ever heard a song play, suddenly whisked you in his arms and started to slow dance with you? Has he ever sang to you and whether he sounded like Al Green or Green Day you still enjoyed it? How about being picked up from work and he blindfolds you and takes you to your favorite restaurant? A friend of  mine told me how he sent his honey a gift card to her job and left a letter with it saying: “With this card go buy a dress and some shoes and meet me at said restaurant tonight.”  Even as time has gone by he has always found a way to be unpredictable and keeping you on your toes.

Intense love-making

Black Couple Making Love - OpinionatedMale.comI don’t necessarily mean rough sex. You know…the hard pounding, bed creaking, head-board banging against the wall ‘love-making’. And chances are it’s not ‘lovemaking’ if he doesn’t love you anyway and vice versa. What about him pulling your hair while he’s poking you from the back as he attempts to pound out your insides? Nope that’s called simply smashing. And we’re not talking about smash and dash here (although couples do indulge in rough sex from time to time, but I digress).

Today I’m talking about that sensual sex. The type where you literally feel your spirits intertwining. His body is yours and yours is his. Think of this:  You wrap your legs around him and squeeze your arms around his back while giving yourself to him. Or while you’re on top riding him looking deeply into his eyes as they are telling you how much he loves you. He pulls you in closer to passionately kiss you. At this moment, you’re instantly feeling like you’re in a euphoric world of sexual giving and taking between the two of you. And when you’re finished, he doesn’t leave nor have the desire to. All he wants to do (after cleaning you and him off of course) is lay next you and hold you.

You see it in his eyes when he looks at you

Black Couple Love-
I’ve heard women tell me over the years that they (somehow) knew how their s/o felt just by looking in their eyes. I am inclined to agree. You can tell a lot about someone by simply looking in their eyes.


Yes arguments suck. They do. There are low blows, profanities, all types of finger-pointing and the worst part is bringing all types of old shyt in it. Although I’m not one for starting arguments, the mere fact he does go toe to toe with you shows that he cares and doesn’t want to lose you. Am I saying you have to fight over every little petty thing? Absolutely not.
There are few worse feelings than loving someone who has become disengaged and stopped caring, even enough to fight sometimes.

If you liked it then you shoulda’ put a ring on it

What more can I say. After the ups, downs, good, bad, ugly, beautiful, break ups, make ups he’s decided to put away his bachelor card and upgrade to a couples one. He’s dedicated and devoted the rest of his life to you. And divorce isn’t an option, nor should it be. Although it can be hard to stay together, if you can make it, by all means do so.

Anyway this is the apex, the ultimate coup de grace’ so to speak. That security blanket in the cold room of the unknown.




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