When Playing Hard to get Goes Horribly Wrong

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Fellas, have you ever had that special someone who would have gone to the ends of the world to please you but you paid her no mind and she found someone else? I’m going to take you on a journey of a man who made the same mistake. Sit back and enjoy.

‘Plain And Simple…I Fcuked Up’

You opened yourself up to me…

…and probably wondered why

You would call me at random times simply to say “Hi”!
I remembered two nights ago you called just to hear my voice
But I didn’t want to talk much anyway, so you had no choice

Yesterday you sent me a text saying, “I hope you know how much I really miss you”
And I can’t wait to  see you again to open my arms and kiss you
But it didn’t matter after I read the message I simply deleted it
You were giving all this attention and I didn’t think I needed it

When you asked me how I felt I was like, ” I don’t know I’m just chilling”
I’m sure you would have jumped at the chance to have me if I was willing
Remember when we sat on the couch you asked me, “Why can’t you be mine”?
Well, I gave you the imaginary finger and asked you, “Why can’t you see mine”?
You tried and tried but I forever proved to be elusive
I couldn’t understand why your feelings for me were inconclusive

One day I had an epiphany and it hit me that you truly cared
But I wouldn’t give you the time of day even if I was dared
You were always giving to me although I never shared
If I’d simply reciprocate I wonder how the two of us would’ve fared

My homies would tell me, “You could have a good one woman man, stop playing around”
All I desired was to have other women in my bed just laying around
You’ve probably moved on, so it’s too late for me to try
Tonight though, I’m picking up this phone hoping to catch you on the fly

“Hello” says a male voice on the other end of the phone
“May I speak to….” He answers abruptly, “She aint home!”
“Who’s this?” I wondered to myself I know she lives alone
When I asked who he was, he said his name is Jerome

I know all her male relatives so this can’t be some new man
My worst fears were realized when I found out that it can
After a few short words it turned out it actually was
My heart sank to the floor and all I could feel was a buzz

I hung up and cursed myself for playing so hard to get
I had feelings all along but my machismo wouldn’t let
If I could go back in time I would have definitely showed her how
All I can do is slump in my chair and say, It’s over now.



7 thoughts on “When Playing Hard to get Goes Horribly Wrong

  1. It seems like this guy simply was not ready to receive what this woman was offering at least not from her. I have been in her shoes before and my take away from situations like this are to leave sooner. Being sweet is a great quality but it cannot change a man or woman’s heart, as a woman this is very valuable to realize.

    What is the story behind this piece?


    1. it’s just a poem I wrote, nothing more nothing less, but I am sure there have been many brothers that have gone through this scenario. And you’re absolutely correct, being the sweetest person cannot and will not change how someone feels, either they want it or they don’t


  2. Ahhhhh so you’re a poet! Not sure why I didn’t pick up on that sooner..Probably too much running around on here; so many! awesome things to read & never enough time to truly give each the time they deserve. Well written verse. I like..


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