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Love Or Money – Which is More Important in Your Relationship?

Guy #1: “Yo I’m telling you relationships and marriage, especially marriages are investments”.
Guy #2: Dawg what are you talking about? You’re jaded man, marriage is and should be based on love…not money”.
Guy #1: “No think about it, a marriage is like a business because…”

This was a conversation I was involved in but didn’t have much to add as I was rather drawn into the viewpoints of it. I sat there taking it all in listening intently as these brothers used metaphors on marriages and the aspect of money. It went on for a while with lots of good banter back and forth. I had to think and I asked myself: “Are marriages really investments and treated like a business?”  Then I thought, “What goes into making a successful business”? Well money, time and lots of patience, so maybe there are parallels to be drawn here. With that being said, one of the gents in the aforementioned conversation was correct…right?

On the flip side however, what about the aspect of love? Think about the notion of building a life with someone and growing it into something special and not dealing with the daily stresses of the dollar bill and the hinderance or benefits it may cause.

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What about the clichés, “No romance without finance” or “Love doesn’t pay bills”? Should you use either of these mantras when dealing with someone on a serious long term level? Let’s assume money ties into the aspect of loving someone. If you are with your honey and are constantly in financial peril, is the love still there? When couples get divorced, what’s the first thing that comes to the table? Money. That even takes precedence over custody if you have decided to enter the realm of having children. It’s all about who gets what, what percentage of it does one get, assets, the whole sha-bang.

Again let’s revisit love though, seriously. You must have some semblance of love for someone to be with them right? Think of couples who have been married for years, some even decades, where do they fit in? Some may say it’s true love that kept it together while detractors may feel it was money and financial security that kept it afloat. When you’re in the act of conceiving children, is really it out of love? Or hope that they [your children] can carry on the legacy of what you established?

Just a quick rant on an interesting conversation I was involved in, but now I turn the floor over to you.

Are relationships (more so marriages) a business nothing more nothing less? Has the aspect of money trumped love and happiness? If so, where has the love truly gone? So many questions, perhaps there are lots of answers. What say you?




Updated on 01/15/19, Post originally entitled, “Love Or Money – Which Has More Value In Your Relationship?”

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  • Finally

    Yes to both. It’s an investment done in and for love. You will find it extremely hard to live on bartering, and without love you’re really not living. To those you love you extend yourself of time, talent, and resources, for their care and benefit. The return on that investment is an exponential multiplication of love for your care and benefit.

      • Finally

        Time is $$$, as is talent. It depends on the reason(s) for lack of funds, and the expected duration. If a man/woman won’t work, he/she doesn’t eat according to the principles I espouse and try to live by. Temporarily being out of funds, while eagerly working a plan to reverse fortunes, isn’t a problem if it’s not long-lived. But if it’s perpetually the case for that person, we’re going to have to part ways because it means your bad habit is becoming a lifestyle–that equals poverty of the mind.
        Feelings don’t pay bills BUT you must know or find other ways to bring value into the relationship if you’re temporarily broke. If you have at least one skill and a great work ethic, opportunities come looking for you. There’s n I reason for permanent poverty …NONE!

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